A HUGE welcome back to my very first guest ever on Spirit-Centered Business! After over 4-½ years I am so honored and blessed to have Jerry share his brilliance and Jesus-filled heart with us again! You can catch that very first show here: https://spiritcenteredbusiness.com/02-the-business-of-ministry-jerry-bryant/

Jerry Bryant pioneered one of the earliest and longest-running Jesus Music syndications. Jerry was part of the early Jesus Movement of the 70s! His JESUS SOLID ROCK concerts in Carbondale, Illinois helped usher in early CCM to the Midwest. In 1978, Jerry became pastor of the Last Days Community in Woodland Hills, California with Keith and Melody Green, then moved to Lindale, Texas and worked with the AGAPE FORCE. Jerry ended up back in Carbondale, Illinois and continued with his radio show and concerts before moving to Nashville in 1993. After an extended absence from radio, he’s back doing what he loves to do: radio!

But wait – there’s more! This is direct from Jerry on his UNDERGROUND SHEPHERD Website.

“OK….Is there life for a pastor of 40 years after he leaves the stage? Yes, there is!! The opportunity for ministry in the Kingdom has limitless opportunities that never end. There are so many ways to advance His Kingdom and I can’t stop!!
It’s a new season for me since I pastored the Vineyard Nashville but I am still shepherding. Actually, I originally chose the name UNDERGROUND SHEPHERD for a blog or podcast because I think it describes what I do “off the stage”. I still care about the flock but I’m taking time “for the little one under his arm”, like the shepherd in the picture. A lot of my time is spent in encouraging and mentoring.

I have transitioned into a role as city missionary/ambassador, itinerant speaker, networker, ACT Nashville Pastoral Care Coordinator, media producer and I am re-engaging with national and international ministry, as I am invited. No time for a rocking chair for me! I also plan to try my hand at writing. God has been supplying through partnership with people who trust and believe in who I am and what I am called to do.”
– Nashville’s Worship City Alliance
– Welsh revival
– Just loving those who aren’t where we are spiritually
– Share your story, don’t shy away
– Choose generosity as a key to success
– Cleanse the soul gates of negativity, judgment, etc
– Trust Jesus to help navigate with you
– The thin place – the sweet place
– Heart attitude matters
– Influence others
– Sweetly surrendered
– Jesus Freak music

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