In this second segment we dove deep into some heavy biblical topics. We got into the “Sons of God” desiring control over the earth, understanding the biblical narrative, and why God appears “unloving”.  You’ll see Rod’s heart for people and getting the Truth out to the world. In case you missed part one, be sure to grab it wherever you enjoy the podcast.


Rod Smith, Jr., author of The Words are Salt, a groundbreaking collection of “collective flow” poetry, and host of the Millennial Mustard Seed podcast. Rod is your guide beyond the fringe as he pursues revelation on unusual, unexplained and unexplored facets of creation through a Biblical lens.


  • Questioning Biblical Narratives: When someone asks about the apparent contradiction between God’s goodness and the deaths described in the Bible.
  • Search for Answers: Rod initially struggles to respond to the question but finds insight from various scholars like Chuck Missler, LA Marzulli, and Dr. Michael Heiser.
  • Grasping Ancient Mindsets: Dr. Heiser’s teachings about the ancient Israelite mindset help Rod understand the Bible’s complexities better.
  • Loneliness and Rejection: Rod faces opposition when sharing his insights, experiencing loneliness and rejection, but he remains steadfast in his beliefs.
  • Podcasting Journey: Rod describes his podcasting journey, starting with humble beginnings, interviewing diverse guests, and facing personal and technical challenges.
  • Millennial Mustard Seed: The name of Rod’s podcast symbolizes his generation’s faith journey, representing growth and perseverance.
  • Rod’s wife, though initially reserved about discussing supernatural experiences, provides invaluable support and grounding throughout his journey.
  • Podcasting ins and outs, including monetization and platforms used for podcast distribution, primarily focusing on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
  • Sharing his faith and engaging with different people, including those of different religions, and blending spirituality with other aspects of life.
  • Rod’s podcast’s focus is on spiritual warfare, referencing biblical narratives and modern-day interpretations, including the implications of biblical passages regarding the interaction between angels and humans, exploring topics such as the Nephilim and spiritual warfare.
  • Importance of thorough research, prayer, and open-mindedness in understanding complex spiritual topics.
  • The “bene elohim” Sons of God and their desire for dominion over the earth by taking wives, giving them a “legal right” to establish dominion, which involves creating their own seed.
  • Mingling of human and non-human seed, leading to the corruption of both humans and animals.
  • Unlearning worldly concepts and embracing biblical values, especially in the realm of business.
  • Rod’s book, “The Words are Salt,” and how it came about through prophetic insight and divine intervention.


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