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We all need to deal with our inner “schtuff” to be operating at peak performance.  Our business can also have slime and accusations that need to be cleaned up.

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Whether you need direction or strategy in the spiritual, the natural, or both – we’ve got you covered!

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We believe, as spiritual beings, that we have the right and privilege to learn how the spirit realm operates according to God’s original design.  Our training, coaching, and podcast reflect revelation of Kingdom principles of the Next Age of humanity.  We explore the spiritual side of the Great Awakening, and bring what we learn down to manifest heaven on earth…through our business.



The shaking and shifting on earth right now is an exciting time to be alive!  As kings and priests of our businesses, we need to be well equipped to rightly steward the revelation and wealth transfer that is coming to the mature sons of God.

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Real Results

“Coaching with Bralynn has been life-changing!  I’ve seen measurable improvement in my energy and relationships, favor in opportunities, and an increase in my bottom line.  HIGHLY recommended!”  ~ Leo, Mexico

“Being part of the SCB Activation Ekklesia has been a HUGE benefit for me.  It’s so fulfilling and meaningful to have people you can trust and share experiences with and solve business challenges from a spiritual perspective.”  ~ Marion, Scotland

“I’m so glad I hired Bralynn as a coach to move my business forward.  She brings a unique blend of practical business knowledge and spiritual understanding that multiplies the impact I am able to have in my business.”  ~ Matthew, Washington, USA

Our Latest Podcast Episodes


151: Pt. 2 Governmental Business – Terry Spencer

151: Pt. 2 Governmental Business – Terry Spencer

Terry and I talk about operating a business birthed in the heavenly realms…and what that means. While Isaiah 9:6-7 is the flowchart of operating in the Kingdom, Isaiah 9:1-5 gives the results of proper Divine governmental order. Make sure you go catch Terry’s first...

150: Pt. 1 Enforcing Your Verdicts – Terry Spencer

150: Pt. 1 Enforcing Your Verdicts – Terry Spencer

Terry Spencer is back on SCB because we’ve noticed some “failure to land” happening in the body of Christ who are pursuing verdicts from the heavenly courts.  We address the missing piece in actually bringing heaven’s victory to earth. BIO: Terry is a modern day...

149: Pt. 2 Miracles Are Normal – Virginia Killingsworth

149: Pt. 2 Miracles Are Normal – Virginia Killingsworth

Virginia and I continue the conversation about manifesting God’s plan for your life. We talk quantum mechanics and grounding it out in scripture. Who doesn’t want to bring heaven to earth? Enjoy!! Recap of Virginia’s Bio: Virginia Killingsworth is a worship leader,...

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Meet Bralynn

Bralynn Newby is a spiritual business coach and trailblazing Kingdom warrior.  She is passionate about releasing and activating voices held captive by fear, doubt and confusion.  As a Spiritual Engineer she helps entrepreneurs navigate the heavenly business center to get the destiny scroll for their business, and establish it in the spirit realm.  Bralynn also works with Holy Spirit to remove blocks, increase productivity and flow, and release resources and heavenly assistance.

As the Message Architect she helps visionary coaches, speakers and influencers design their business around the message on their hearts, build leveraged systems and structure, and activate their influence to transform more lives and fulfill their destiny through their business.

She is a certified 5th Level Liebuster, a powerful internationally acclaimed freedom tool. 

Bralynn is also a speaker and the creator and host of the Spirit-Centered Business™ podcast, author of Planning to Profit™; Architecting Your Unique Story into a Business you Love,  and co-host of The Nth Degree with Newby and Neeper.  She is a Founding Elder on the Council of the Dokimos Project, and a Mentor for the Shekinah Business School.

You may invite Bralynn to speak by emailing: Activate@BralynnNewby.com

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