Choose Your Focus

Discover the Heavenly Business Complex, and all the help and resources you can get there.

  • Receive the destiny scroll for your business
  • Establish your legal documents
  • Clean up any liens against your business
  • Engage your heavenly associates
  • Access resources
  • Adventure awaits!

Get coaching through our step-by-step process to build your business around your brilliance, and access the Heavenly Business Complex along the way.

Your business is a unique expression of who you are and what you are called to do in the world.

This package blends both business coaching and spirit realm activations.


Get coaching on how to create a scalable, leveraged, sustainable revenue stream in your business…based on your unique message and voice.

  • Discover how to turn your brilliance and experience into online (and offline) courses, programs and digital products.
  • Design your Platform of Influence online and off to establish yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Turn your unique story and experiences into your biggest business asset

SCB Acceleration Package

4 1:1 Sessions with Bralynn at 20% Discount!

1. Personal Liebust:

Break free from lies and slime that hold you back.  Let go of poverty mindset, understand your incredible worth and take the limits off your creativity!

2. Liebust Your Business:

Get unstuck, clean up anything impeding your progress, unlock resources and heavenly assistance.

3. Set Up Your Declaration of Trade

Properly claim your right to do business in the spirit realm.

4. File Your Paperwork and Set up Your Trading Floor

Activate your business from heaven, meet your assistants, and more…Holy Spirit led!


You also get access to the Master Class:

Properly Claim Your Right to Do Business

After doing the Liebusts and even before we did the Declaration of Trade, we have seen a significant change in the atmosphere and feeling in the office.  People who used to be butting heads are working in harmony and there is a lightness that wasn’t there before.

An opportunity came to meet with a very high level person and so many things happened that went perfectly right.  Just like we said in the Declaration of Trade.

Leo C.


We have been able to double our prices, and stick to our guns on the superior quality of our manufacturing.  Since we did this work in the spirit we’ve gotten a Dept. of Defense contract, and we are confident and bold rather than trying to give everything away.  This is our season to step up!

J & V