Discover Your
Business Destiny


Co-Creating, Stewarding and Standing to Manifest God’s Divine Plan

The bible says God knew you and gave you an assignment before you were born. He has plans for you and invites you to seek them out. Perhaps you have experienced glimpses of destiny deep within your heart, yet are wondering how to usher it from the invisible realm and into the natural. Most of us were not taught how, so we wander hesitantly, stab in the dark at our purpose, try to do it all on our own, and pray that God blesses it.

God has a better plan! Your business has its own destiny scroll waiting to be activated. He invites you into a covenant partnership with heaven to establish and co-labor to operate your business from His Kingdom. This book will engage your spirit and ignite your co-creative imagination as you walk through receiving, engaging and manifesting your unique destiny on earth as it is in heaven.

“Bralynn has given us a much-needed roadmap as to how to connect your business to the realms of heaven, “where the thief cannot come in and steal!” A MUST read, no matter where you are in your business pursuit…”

Dr. Candace Benton

Ph.D., LCSW, Business Owner

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Inside the book there is a link to complimentary downloads of guided activations and other resources you will find helpful on your destiny journey.  Enjoy!