Equipping & Training

For business ruling and reigning.

FREE Resources

Take the Gates Checkup Challenge

Discover and Open, Close, Widen or Clean Up the access doors (portals/interface points) in your business and life that could be holding you back.

5-Minute DIY Time Communion

Jesus told us to take communion in remembrance of him and what he did for us with his death, burial and resurrection.
He Redeemed TIME!

Use this guided communion to redeem time in your life.

Discover Your Signature Strengths

This blueprint will help you find your Superpowers in Spirit, Soul and Body.  Learn to use them effectively to gain influence, attract your ideal clients, communicate better, and avoid burn out.

How Spirit-Centered is Your Business?

Assess where you are…

…So we can chart your course to get to where you want to go.

Cast Out Fear Communion

We were not given a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love and a Sound Mind.

Use this guided communion to step into your Courage!

Content Strategy 101

Ideas on how to get started packaging your brilliance and creating scalable, recurring revenue.  Also a great marketing strategy!

DIY Activations

King Up!

Get your royal on!  A great way to start the day, or prepare yourself for an important task or event.  Terrific confidence booster too!

Plunder the Enemy’s Camp!

Take back what the enemy stole from you and your bloodline!  Raid his storehouses, invade his trophy rooms, and more.  A great activation to do while you’re “kinged up”!

Establish Your Secret Place

Psalms 91:1 and 27:5, and Matthew 6:6 and many more verses talk about meeting and being protected by the Lord in the secret place. 
You have your very own!

Classes & Courses

Destiny Scroll and Declaration of Trade

Establish Your Business in Heaven: Create your covenant partnership agreement for protection, resources, strategy, assistance and more.

Identity, Intimacy & Encounter

Get a deeper understanding of your true Identity, and a deeper Intimacy with God through Encounters with Jesus, our Living Lord.

Training and Activation included:
Pt. 1 Align & Expand Your Inner World
Pt. 2 Sonship, Imagination & Encounter


Discover Your Business Destiny Book

Co-Creating, Stewarding and Standing to Manifest God’s Divine Plan
by Bralynn Newby

Includes audio activation to Receive Your Destiny Scroll and other downloads.

Wearable Sound Therapy

The WAVwatch is a self-care tool that uses the power of sound therapy to help with common self-care problems and imbalances in your body (like pain, inflammation, anxiety, cold & flu, headaches, kidney stones, and more).
Use Code Bralynn100 for $100 off!

Planning to Profit Book

Architecting Your Unique Story Into a Business You Love
by Bralynn Newby

For coaches, consultants, counselors, and anyone who teaches and would like to monetize their message.