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Slavery to Sonship

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Liebusters is a fast, simple, powerful yet gentle freedom prayer model that facilitates the power of God to set you free to live out your purpose.  Hailed as ‘the next gen freedom tool,’  the Liebuster book is available in 7 languages and the Liebusters Course has quickly spread to 22 nations across 5 continents.  The Liebuster vision is to help people to get free, stay free and then in turn, to set others free.  This Spirit-led process moves people from Slavery to Sonship to Kingship.  Liebusters also breaks spiritual barriers off businesses, land, events, situations and more.

Bralynn is a certified Level 5 (highest) Liebuster, and has seen astounding results for her clients. 

Carolyn Arnold, Co-Founder and CEO of No Limits Ranch

One day after her first Liebust with Bralynn!

I am just amazed at my drive, motivation and productivity [since my Liebust].  I am getting so much done, and I’m even sleeping through the night!  Wow – so amazing the changes.


~ Belize

I am definitely feeling more peace, lighter internally and like I’m more centered 🙂 I can tell something shifted and when I read back through the notes you took, I don’t seem to identify with those things like I did before our meeting. I feel like this shift is still happening and the Lord isn’t done yet.  So glad to be in this place!  Thank you so much for your assistance 🙂



My session today was awesome! Today was the day of FREEDOM! Father [God] said this day was planned for. He set me free to walk out the rest of my days in worth and fulfillment.  This was a HUGE thing for me!  All praise and GLORY to God!!!  Thank you again Bralynn – you da bomb!



Business 3-Pack

Some of the Things We Do…

– Get Unstuck/Unblocked
– Break Curses/Wealth Blocks
– Release Flow of Resources
–  Unlock Abundance
(90 minutes)

Business Single

Some of the Things We Do…

– Cancel Spiritual Liens
– Break Word Curses
– Redeem Land
– Clear Trade Routes
(90 minutes)

Personal 3-Pack

Some of the Things We Do…

– Cleanse the Bloodline(s)
– Break Destructive Patterns
– Release Creativity
– Upgrade Mindset
(60 minutes)

Personal Single

Some of the Things We Do…

– Cancel False Accusations
– Break Word Curses
– Unlock Identity
– Recalibrate Timelines
(60 minutes)