Get Free.  Stay Free.

with Liebusters

Liebusting is a fast, simple, powerful yet gentle freedom prayer model that facilitates the power of God to set you free to live out your purpose. Each session takes 60-75 minutes and is done via Zoom. The outcome is healing, blocks to income and creativity removed, and oneness with self, others and with GOD.


The process may include own life and bloodline cleansing, DNA reset, recalibration of timelines, integration of stuck personality parts, land redemption and life changing heavenly encounters.

Kevin B.

I am just amazed at my drive, motivation and productivity [since my Liebust].  I am getting so much done, and I’m even sleeping through the night!  Wow – so amazing the changes.

Kevin B. ~ Belize

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Yvonne N.

I am definitely feeling more peace, lighter internally and like I’m more centered 🙂 I can tell something shifted and when I read back through the notes you took, I don’t seem to identify with those things like I did before our meeting. I feel like this shift is still happening and the Lord isn’t done yet. I’m looking forward to more freedom and growth as He continues the good work He started. So glad to be in this place!  Thank you so much for your assistance 🙂

Yvonne N.