Access the Spirit Realm for Your Business

Activate Spiritual Principles for Building the Business God Has for You

Meet in the Business Complex of Heaven
to see what Father as CEO of our business has for us.

One of the main distinctions of this group is that we leave every activation session with homework.  While this may not sound exciting - it truly is!  It means we have action steps to manifest what we saw in heaven here on earth.

  • Establish your legal documents
  • Clean up any liens against your business
  • Engage your heavenly associates
  • Access resources, strategy, creativity and more
  • Adventure awaits!

Every 2nd and 4th
Tuesday at 3pm Pacific

via Zoom

Join Our Activation Group Today

Only $37/Month

* Additional groups will be added as we grow.  Our Activation groups bond like family, so we want to keep them relatively small.