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For business ruling and reigning.

Training & Equipping Resources

Free Challenge

Open, Close or Clean Up those access points in your business that are holding you back.

King Up Activation

Get your royal on!  A great way to start the day, or prepare yourself for an important task or event.  Terrific confidence booster too!

Plunder the Enemy’s Camp!

Take back what the enemy stole from you and your bloodline!  Raid his storehouses, invade his trophy rooms, and more.  A great activation to do while you’re “kinged up”!

Declaration of Trade

Establish your business in Heaven. This is your primary legal document that protects you and gives you full access to the assistance and resources of heaven.

Receive Your Business Destiny Scroll

This guided activation will walk you through receiving your business destiny scroll in heaven.  It also includes “visioncasting”, which is one way to read or engage with your scroll.