I’m very pleased to introduce my new friend Bradford in this episode. He has quite a track record in business, as well as in his faith, and you will be inspired by his story.  Enjoy!

Dr. Bradford Carlton is a world-renowned speaker and business coach, multiple times published author, online influencer, loving husband and father, and a committed servant of the Lord. Bradford has guided business owners in over 50 countries, across 20 different industries, and has  personally referred over $3 Billion in business funding needs to various investors around the world. In addition to showing businesses the money that they are leaving on the table, Bradford also spends his time guiding his over 160,000 followers online as he discusses men’s issues and the importance of accepting Jesus Christ into your heart.

Bradford has been featured by media outlets such as ABC, CBS, Fox News, the Associated Press, and many others.


  • Growing up in a non-traditional household with agnostic parents, where, despite receiving bibles from various family members, his parents didn’t teach them about Jesus.
  • At the age of seven, Bradford’s grandmother put the fear of hell into his heart, leading him to accept Jesus, albeit without deep understanding.
  • Discovered a Bible and very quickly read it cover to cover, finding it compelling at age 16.
  • Exploring Christianity during law school, striving to live by Jesus’s teachings.
  • A pivotal illness when Bradford felt a spiritual presence, leading to a profound acceptance of Jesus that transformed his life, becoming more outgoing and successful in various endeavors.
  • Transitioning from law to business consulting and coaching, eventually starting a ministry focused on supporting young men.
  • His ministry addresses issues such as loneliness, rejection, and lack of purpose, often tied to high suicide rates among men.
  • The importance of love and acceptance
  • Learning the lesson of humility and attributing success to God, rather than his personal achievements.
  • The significance of fatherhood, and the impact of fatherlessness on societal issues.
  • Relying too much on our own intellect and achievements, highlighting the importance of humility and dependence on God.
  • Bradford Carlton shares a pivotal moment when he transitioned from being an attorney to a consultant after his wife’s near-death experience.
  • Finding himself in a store surrounded by people doing drugs and engaging in inappropriate behavior, and instead of a business conversation, Bradford began sharing about Jesus with those present, leading to some conversions on the spot.
  • Bradford reflects on how he initially missed the signs guiding him towards ministry but eventually embraced his calling.
  • The importance of recognizing opportunities aligned with one’s destiny and the impact of answering one’s call.


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