Join Bradford and me as we continue the conversation and discuss the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, and the intersection of spirituality and business strategy, including the importance of mindset over tactics. We stress the role of faith in overcoming challenges, and how we  inspire clients to tap into their inner strength and trust in God.

Dr. Bradford Carlton is a world-renowned speaker and business coach, multiple times published author, online influencer, loving husband and father, and a committed servant of the Lord. Bradford has guided business owners in over 50 countries, across 20 different industries, and has  personally referred over $3 Billion in business funding needs to various investors around the world. In addition to showing businesses the money that they are leaving on the table, Bradford also spends his time guiding his over 160,000 followers online as he discusses men’s issues and the importance of accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. 

Bradford has been featured by media outlets such as ABC, CBS, Fox News, the Associated Press, and many others.


  • Bradford discusses the challenges and trials entrepreneurs face, emphasizing that setbacks are part of the journey.
  • He draws parallels between entrepreneurial struggles and the biblical story of Job, highlighting the importance of faith and trusting in a higher plan.
  • Shifting expectations and maintaining faith in challenging times.
  • Importance of faith in business partnerships and operations, with Bradford noting that lack of faith often leads to micromanagement and other issues.
  • He recounts a remarkable success story of a formerly homeless individual who transformed a skateboard venture into a thriving business with the help of a $400,000 investment.
  • Role of mindset in business success and mentions Dr. Joyce Brown’s nonprofit work in suicide prevention, attributing her connections to divine intervention.


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