Jerry was born into a home of traveling Methodist evangelists. During the seventies, he was involved in the Jesus People coffee house movement in Carbondale, IL. Later he became pastor of “Last Days Community” with Keith and Melody Green in Woodland Hills, CA, before being ordained in 1982 into the new “Vineyard Christian Fellowship” movement and pastoring Vineyard Nashville. Jerry was also a radio pioneer of contemporary Christian music radio. His weekly show, “Jesus Solid Rock”, was heard on over 100 stations. His current internet Classic Jesus Music radio show is called “Full Circle Jesus Music” heard on ITUNES. Jerry is the co-founder of SOUNDS OF GLORY NASHVILLE. Their conferences and email blasts come from a passion to connect those who are transcendent minded and hungry for more.

Meeting felt needs of the marketplace
Divine opportunities
Wise investments & Infused knowledge
Operating in & Gaining wisdom
Integrity & doing what you said you would do
Acceleration and Fulfillment
Going low and slow
The 4 Steps to Moving by Holy Spirit Leading

SCB Academy Training: Quantum Experience

“Life is too short to do everything we want to do, but just long enough to do everything God wants us to do.”

SOUNDS OF GLORY – NASHVILLE conference is March 12-14 with Justin Paul Abraham, Paul Keith David and Ray Hughes at Belmont Church, 69 Music Sq E. Nashville. – Jerry’s radio show – Stop human trafficking in Cambodia