The Frequency of Your Desire Online Workshop

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#1. How to Diagnose Fear-Based Programming

Sometimes we just don't know why we keep making the same stupid choices in life.  Or we go through "wilderness" seasons when nothing is turning out the way we planned.  WHY?

#2. The 3 Simple Tools to Reprogram your Internal Hard Drive

Alexander Loyd designed these 3 tools and they have been used with a 97% success rate for over 25 years, in over 158 countries!

#3. How to Set Success Goals Rather than Stress Goals

The traditional process of setting goals leads toward failure, or worse, "success" in getting the goal but worse health, worse relationships, less love, joy & peace in your life.

Benefits of this Training:

  • Spiritual physics of truth and love
  • Learn what keeps us from our desires
  • Guaranteed NOT to fail when you do it
  • How to access the supernatural
  • How to use your reprogramming in business

Love.  Serve.  Manifest.

By serving your clients in love, i.e. solving their problems and helping them transform, you’re making an impact on the world.  By manifesting more money, you can invest more in your business and life, fund more organizations who are also creating positive change, and have the freedom to create more experiences for yourself and loved ones and more beauty in the world.

Get the BREAKTHROUGH you desire.

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Meet the Creators of Spirit-Centered Business

Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, helps coaches, speakers and influencers package their brilliance to transform more lives, make more money, and make a bigger difference in the world.  She is an Author, Speaker, Co-host of Kingdom Talks, and Creator of Planning to Profit


Gil Hodges is the founder and host of Kingdom Talks, leader of the Kingdom Equipping Center, and helps high performance professionals breakthrough barriers and receive Divine wisdom.  He is a Speaker, Spiritual Coach, and Co-Creator of the Ultimate Impact Series

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Spirit-Centered Business, and this Frequency of Your Desire Workshop include practical business applications overlaid with spiritual principles and practices.