How to Activate Your Power to Get What You Truly Desire

...without Willpower

Beyond attracting clients, business success, thriving relationships, and optimal health, this secret will open up a new realm of possibilities and deliver what you truly desire.  It’s ancient, and it’s the coming technology, and it’s almost impossible for it NOT to work. Once you understand it, it’s simply your choice to activate it...or not.

This Webinar is For You...

...If you've ever noticed that the same issues tend to trip you up in life...  Or if you've ever had a season where you didn’t even recognize your life - like nothing was turning out the way you planned.


You Will Discover:

  • The 3-Step Blueprint for Failure with which we’ve ALL been Programmed
  • The Truth about our Power and our Desires
  • Flipping your Switch to Success in every Area of your Life
  • How 90% of Adults are still operating with Training Wheels
  • The GREATEST PRINCIPLE that is almost GUARANTEED to work!

Bralynn Newby

Your Webinar Host

Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, helps coaches, speakers and influencers package their brilliance to transform more lives, make more money, and make a bigger difference in the world.  She is an Author, Speaker, Co-host of Kingdom Talks, and Creator of Planning to Profit

Gil Hodges

Your Webinar Host

Gil Hodges is the founder and host of Kingdom Talks, leader of the Kingdom Equipping Center, and helps high performance professionals breakthrough barriers and receive Divine wisdom.  He is a Speaker, Spiritual Coach, and Co-Creator of the Ultimate Impact Series

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