There’s still more to come! Hear all about the rest of Lindy’s healing journey and the clinic the Lord gave her.. Check out Part 3 Best Of, Lindy’s story!

Lindy was given her clinic by Father God for the healing of others.  Here’s what she says about it.  “It’s a healing clinic created around my journeys for healing in the physical body. Father took me back in time to see how healing works. Everything is operationed out of faith and is limitless because it’s Fathers ideas and not my ideas. People were brought supernaturally across my path that helped me navigate these teachings by bringing credibility in the world’s eyes about the teachings.”

When you hire a coach to help you, it’s better if they don’t just give you information during the activation, but for them to partner with you.  Then they can lead you into the spirit realm and open it up, so you can see and engage with it yourself.  Coaches give you enough information to satisfy your brain (soul), then you will be able to open yourself up to engage spirit to spirit and with whatever is happening.  This is where the supernatural happens!


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