Peggy Delgado Fava is the Founder and Executive Director for a non-profit organization ( that has received numerous awards and acknowledgements for our community work with marginalized and under-served families which include the under-performing students, at-risk youth, undocumented families, justice-involved and exploited, sex-trafficked youth. (
She is also training as a Professional Brain Health Coaching Certification under Amen Clinics (Dr. Daniel Amen) and have trained in Brain Stimulated Wellness Coach interventions. Peggy is also a licensed as PRO Liebuster, and trained by Dr. Sears Wellness Health Institute, as a Certified Coach. She has her A.S. Degree in Pre-Nursing/General Science, B.S. Degree in Business Management & Ethics, and a minor in Theology.

Peggy has achieved many other certifications Certified Facilitator of a Teen and Family Coach from nationally recognized model program called Teens In Action and Active Parenting, Family Matters certifications, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Chaplain and Sexual Assault and Sexual Exploitation and CSECT (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Teens) and Domestic Human Trafficking Trainer.

– Honoring who you are
– Brokenness covered in mass
– The prayers that protect you
– Being chased by God
– Taking a leap of faith
– Helping traumatized victims
– Becoming involved in aspects of legislation
– Opening a youth center
– Following God’s lead and direction
– Bridge Network birthed through a leap of faith
– Breaking through the lies

1) Sometimes you are led to do what’s on your scroll but you may do it reluctantly because of various reasons including lack of confidence etc.
2) Working as a chaplain, I began to see that I wanted to work with high risk kids. Just being involved in juvenile justice I realized that I resonated with that population. I saw that 80% or more girls had been sex trafficked and nobody was doing anything, and working in that capacity I was able to ask the questions to open doors.
3) It makes such a difference when you have loved ones that pray for you, especially when you’re walking down the wrong paths in life.
4) In today’s world it’s not just about a 5 year plan. You have to be able to pivot when you see things changing so you don’t get left behind.
5) We work with male and females from ages 7 to 26 in prevention, intervention, and education. This is the model we go after because we feel we need to get them at a young age.
6) There is a principle that requires you to follow through or I call it “get out of the boat”. You trust the Lord with the plan and follow through with his lead so you can know when to pivot and how to flow to where you need to go.
7) In all life skills we incorporate spiritual and biblical principles and support in everything. We aren’t necessarily faith based but we embrace and incorporate these principles and they are at work. We take the curriculum and incorporate biblical principles within it. We allow God to flow and move in his direction. We are generally speaking, considered secular even though the spiritual principles are interwoven.  

– When you take that leap of faith God honors it and meets you there. He is faithful through it all.
– I found favor in a secular world.
– We were the catalyst and advocate for changing some of the policies on how they handle victimized girls in these situations.
– Bridge Network helps girls and boys as well.
– Conditions can change constantly when following the direction of the Lord.
– 2020 had a high number of suicides. We were blessed to have our youth center remain open.
– We accept everyone no matter what place they are at.
– People that have life experiences can see themselves transformed. They feel if someone else can do it, so can I. 

1. Bridge Network’s website:
2. Call2Wellness website:
3. Legislative Activities:

  • SB357 – Request for Veto Letter (sign up on Google) – must be from CA to oppose -or- call Gov. Newsom’s office:, or phone his office at 916.455-2841
  • EARN it ACT –  The Earn It Act is bi-partisan.Please sign to endorse the EARN IT Act
    The EARN IT Act (Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act) repeals near blanket immunity from liability enjoyed by interactive computer service companies and gives victims access to justice by allowing them to use federal civil law, and state criminal and civil law, to sue for harm they suffered because of the rampant sexual abuse occurring on digital platforms.
    It’s goal is to hold tech companies to the same standard as everyone else by removing the congressionally created immunity which is currently protecting them from liability for the harm caused by the distribution of CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Materials / aka child pornography).  To support and share this initiative, click and sign here:

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