The Next Agers are a group of church misfits who decided to step into the Next Age with Father.  We don’t always agree, in fact – most of us disagree on a lot of things.  But we’re called to unity, and agree that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and that we’re to love, honor, and respect each other along the journey to discovering deeper revelation.  

Next Agers on the show: Martin Smith, of The Flying Penguins, Daniel Jedidiah Cook of Tzim Tzum Life, Derek Grosskurth, aka TruthSeekah, Katharine Wang of the Age to Come University, Michael Basham of Spirit Force and the Fringe Radio Network, Christopher Finch of White Stone 217 Ministries, and of course, Bralynn Newby, of Bralynn Newby International.

TRIVIA: Do you know which 4 of the Next Agers on the show are original founders of the gang?  LOL!
TRIVIA BONUS: Do you know which 4 founders are missing?

– Opening doors in God’s timing
– Bringing others beside us to help create our businesses
– Great sabbatical time to be taught by Jesus
– Learning to articulate the things God is teaching us
– Son’s are arising to a new place of faith and confidence
– Moving into a more intimate place of trust and vulnerability with God
– Teaching by analogies
– No limits to God
– God is looking for those he can trust
– Deep trust allows a shift to come
– The shadow becomes the womb
– Lack of trust and authority goes all the way back to Eve
– The tree of comparison
– Taking a new approach for new and higher frequencies
– Jesus has compassion for people especially the hungry

1) Watch the timing of things. Don’t build the house so soon that the labor is in vain. You can plant the seed and give it water but remember God always gives the increase. It’s his perfect timing.and he opens the doors. – TruthSeekah
2) In my sabbatical, I was shown the areas I was receiving validation outside of Father and outside of my identity in him. He was loving me into an area that he knew I was unaware that I needed to rest in. It’s a season to refocus and reconnect and to see what else is happening during this time. – Martin Smith
3) The revelations I am getting in the quiet sabbatical with Father are taking me some time to know how to apply it to my life so I may share and teach it to others in a way it can be understood. – Martin Smith
4) I am asking Father to show me how to teach by analogy in order to create a metaphor. Example: Take a glass and a picture. Pour water into the pitcher for one aspect. Pour water from the pitcher into the glass showing another aspect. Then place another glass inside the pitcher of water itself so the glass is completely submerged inside the pitcher. This gives 2 different analogies about being filled and filling at the same time. – Daniel Jedidiah Cook
5) There’s a new level that Father is taking us as Son’s that is arising into a deeper place of trust and confidence. Each step we take in this trust and confidence shows what is in our hearts that we can do. – Daniel Jeddiah Cook
6) My book “Living Loved” got a great response from the people because it is a different way of relating to God. We relate to God as our Father. In this next age we’re relating to God in an even more intimate way. We relate to him as a spouse which is the most intimate kind of relationship on earth. God wants the most intimate type of connection with us. – Katharine Wang
7) This is a message of intimacy, deep trust and vulnerability in the deepest of places inside your heart to God and at the same time God also opens up his heart to us. There is an exchange from this place of intimacy. – Katharine Wang
8) When we read scriptures, new levels of revelation get unlocked only by the Lord because he is the revelation of light. As we bring this light into our lives and our mind we get a new understanding and we’re able to see the gospel in a new light and in more depth because the revelation is no longer hidden. – TruthSeekah
9) Our consciousness has to shift to align to that consciousness of the knowledge of the glory of God.- Christopher Finch
10) The male side of faith is the substance of things hoped for and it is always hidden. The female side is the evidence of the things not seen and that is the manifestation. When this unites because you trust in what is being transmitted by his knowledge, Holy Spirit, and what you’re receiving, then out of this trust things work together for your good. It’s a conscious alignment when we begin to see it for your good and release it as life. Trust the process no matter what you are seeing, see it for the good and shift your consciousness to align to the tree of life because you are the righteousness in Christ. – Christopher Finch
11) The internal work of a relationship is not to go before God to get things fixed but to remember to go before him to spend more intimate time in his presence. This fixes everything. This is going from a lower consciousness to a higher consciousness just by being in his presence. It’s having the cup submerged in the pitcher of water. From doing, to just being in his presence in a deep relationship. This leaves no room for any separation. – Michael Basham
12) Spend more time in the love of God by utilizing these spiritual weapons of ascending in this love and bliss of God. This is the spirit we will see limbs regrown, prison doors open and even teleportation is going to become a thing in the years coming. – Michael Basham

– Don’t open doors before it’s time.
– Trust the process
– God does everything for a reason and in his perfect timing and season.
– We have an obligation to steward what we receive.
– There’s a shroud that the greater mysteries are hidden in.
– There’s no limits to God, he wants to show his children that he trusts all of his mysteries.
– What makes you worthy is caring about things with humility.
– The Lord wants us to shift into a new consciousness.
– Rise above the low consciousness.

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