Bralynn & Nina continue the conversation on utilizing the resources of heaven in your business.

– Functioning in your mountain and engaging with the Seven Spirits
– The Seven Spirits are each a different facet of Yahweh
– How to engage with the Seven Spirits to grow your business
– Knowing Papa God’s heart for us
– Being a minister unto Papa as a king
– Unblocking things that prevent you from moving forward
– Know the governors that are assigned to you
– Where you meet your governors
– We have angels assigned to our scrolls

1. The heavenly realms are waiting for you to engage with them heart-to-heart for understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. Then you can understand who you are in the kingdom and how to engage in the holiness of the heavenly realm.
2. The Seven Spirits want you to know them as beings who desire a personal, intimate relationship with you.
3. You can engage the Seven Spirits and get to know them in the garden of your heart, in your mountain, as you step into the heart of Papa God, as well as other places.
4. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding come together like a threefold cord that is very powerful. You may discern which one you are to engage with at any time.
5. Papa’s intention for us in this realm is for us to be focused in the heavenly realms by the energy of who we are so we may draw all men through us unto Him. This is a true witness unto Papa as a governor and a king.
6. You can unblock various things that prevent you from moving forward.  You can do this in the Mobile court when generational issues are blocking you. You may need to deal with your ability to discern being blocked because of the words you have spoken. There may be relational correction with the Trinity, and distrust that will block your ability to engage. This has to do with distrust and lack of faith, which are examples of things that may block you from moving forward.
7. It’s good to program your mind with heavenly realms of teachings, then go into listening to soaking music that can help you move into complete silence. It quietens our minds away from frequencies, vibrations, and sounds that are constantly bombarding us all.
8. Understanding that all three of the Trinity and all of the governors have their distinction, function, presence, and personalities are important. This helps you to know who you are speaking and engaging with. You learn to recognize their individual frequencies, vibrations, and sound.

– Heavenly realms are there for us to develop relational connections.
– Engaging with the 7 Spirits needs to be our new normal.
– The normal and the Heavenly realms that are in you are fused into one.
– Be determined to remove all blockage.
– Be cool with the journey, your victory will come.
– You are designed to walk in pure holiness.
– Governors will help you in your scroll.
– The Spirit of Wisdom of Realms is different from the Spirit of Wisdom.

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