Nina Hayden, president of Godzwow Publications, is a graduate of Stetson University College of Law where she received her Doctorate, Masters of Law, and International Law degrees.  She has worked at the Office of Public Defender, as a solo practitioner, and as a university professor.

Nina’s involvement in her community includes many hours of work with students through various mentoring programs.  She has sat on many boards throughout the community, and served on the school board before she ran for the FL State Senate in 2010 and U.S. House District 10 seat in 2012. 

She enjoys encouraging others to develop a deeper walk with Yahweh. 

– Connecting to the heart of the Trinity
– From religion to an intimate relationship with God
– Seeking the wisdom of God as an attorney
– Challenges and your spiritual walk
– Finding Papa God’s intention for your life
– Planning with the Trinity
– When God trusts you
– Connecting with the Courts of Heaven
– Understanding your mountain
– Glorifying Papa God and Him then glorifying us


1) Everything we do is an outpouring of the love of Papa God. Then we can focus on engaging with his heart so we can have understanding about what is on our scroll for us to do during this time and in this age. 

2) I had to hear from Papa God about the kids I was working with because he was setting them up for a path that would lead them to a heart encounter with him, and it would change their path and their lives. 

3) You need to know who the Trinity is in order to know who you are. Then you can walk in perfection and complete dependence upon them as you walk out your scroll and fulfill it. 

4) Statutes, precepts, and laws in the natural realm are a shadow of the legal principles in the supernatural realm.

5) When God trusts you, he knows that when you step out, all you do will be within the confines of his heart. In this place you will feel a shift happen in what you come into contact with, and with what comes in contact with you. You’re operating at the higher vibrational frequency level of love in the heart of the Trinity. 

6) Before you can govern anything else, you must first learn to govern yourself. You don’t have to be operating in perfection to do this but you need to be in the process of self governance.

7) Self-governing is building your mountain, which is spiritual real estate that has substance in the spiritual realm. When we understand who we are as a mountain we can begin to govern over other mountains Papa God gives to us. 

8) Your mountain is a place where you can engage with the Trinity, Seven Spirits, governors, etc. You literally build out the spiritual places within your mountain. 


– Sometimes I can’t discern things in my natural mind, I need spiritual discernment.
– Planning things in your life is good when you’re dependent on the Trinity.
– To broaden your government, be someone Papa can trust.
– I was taught about the various courts by the Seven Spirits.
– You are a mountain, which is spiritual real estate.
– The Spiritual realm is more real because it lasts forever.
– Your personal mountain flows to your business mountain.
– The more mountains you have, the more spheres of influence you will have.

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