Father showed me a powerful vision for everyone who hears the sound of my voice.  I’ll release that to you after I answer the questions I’ve been getting about what’s going on with my move, and what’s happening with my businesses.  GLORY stories of amazing results – those are on tap as well.  😉

– Moved from California to North Carolina
– Things God has highlighted to me
– Moving your mountain
– Spirit-Centered Business groups
– What to do when you “lose” the freedom you gained
– Cleaning up your spirit
– Renewing your old brain pathways
– Keeping your spirit centered
– Walking out your brilliance fearlessly
– Glory stories of RESULTS people are getting!
– Shout-outs to Dokimos, Kingdom Equipping Center and others
– Drumbeats of war are shifting frequencies across the earth

How We can Move Your Destiny Forward Together
1) The Quantum Capacity Business Challenge is currently underway.  See the website for details and to get on the interest list.
2) SCB Activation Group – There is a need for an ekklesia where those of us in business, or with an entrepreneurial spirit can go to practice governing, ruling and reigning together over our businesses, industries, and the economy.  It’s a gathering, like a home group, with activations for business professionals about all the stuff that goes with starting, growing and building a business, and the unique challenges we face.
3) Tribe Talk Group – A safe place for you to talk about the things God is doing in your life, or revelation that he’s been showing you. Especially if your church or family aren’t on board with the next age you’re stepping into, and you don’t have anyone to process revelation with who gets you and doesn’t think you’re out in left field.
4) Acceleration Package – This best-selling package is four 1:1 sessions plus a masterclass that has had astounding results! We get your personal limitations broken off, get your business cleaned up and established properly in the spirit realm, and see what God has next for you.  We may even meet or work with the angels assigned to your scroll!
5) Planning to Profit – Coaches, Speakers & Influencers – This is my signature coaching process that pulls your message out of your heart, designs structure around it to monetize it and make it magnetic to exactly the peeps you’re called to serve.  We build systems and processes and automate your platform of influence to make sure your business is designed around the lifestyle you want to lead, and is leveraged, scalable and sustainable.

– Married couple in Australia who run a manufacturing business: Marriage strengthened, employees & atmosphere calmer & more peaceful, AND a Department of Defense contract after doing the Acceleration Package.
– Building a couple has been trying to sell for years: AT THE SAME TIME as I am Liebusting it with Pat, her husband gets a buyer on the phone!!
– Owner of an Insurance Agency and Director of Marketing dept in his brother’s law firm in Mexico: Favor, favor, and more favor – plus shifts in employee morale and ability to work together in harmony after starting the Acceleration Package, still in process.
– Diamond trader in Botswana receives a very hard to get renewal of his diamond license quick and easy when it usually is so difficult they were going to have to file for an ention due to delay.  We didn’t even finish the Acceleration Package yet!

As I was standing on my mountain and hearing the drumbeat of warring drums, I realized that my mountain was in Father’s mountain, and the drumbeat I was hearing was his heartbeat.

There’s a frequency that shaking the earth – and has been for several years, but more and more sons are awakening to it and understanding what it means.  For those far away from Father’s heart it sounds terrifying, like it is destroying the earth.  For those inside Father’s heart, it sounds like love, and a shaking that’s setting them free and ushering in the new thing he’s doing.

As I was resonating with this frequency I saw ribbons in many colors streaming down from the top of my mountain to places all over the globe that represents where *YOU* live.  Everyone who hears my voice has a ribbon (not little – more like a banner) attached to my mountain where YHWH’s heart was resounding.  I then saw myself take the ends of the banners and flip them HARD so the ripples of frequency went down each one to each of you.  His love and his plans and purposes for you cracked like lightening down those ribbons.

I sent the vibration out to everyone, and he wants you to FEEL that he wants to shed off those things that are holding you back – all of that fear and all of that stuff that’s holding you back in your business.
He wants that totally gone and he wants you to know you are totally, totally loved. You are in his heart.  You are his precious, precious, precious child.
And you are a king. You are the King of your business. You are the priest of your business. And he needs you to let go of all of that stuff that’s been holding you down and come up higher.
So I just want to take those banners again from the top of my mountain to wherever you’re hearing the sound of my voice and just flip it again as hard as I possibly can, so that it reverberates down to you and you feel that vibration of father’s heartbeat for you, for your business, for your family, for your relationships – he wants it all for you.

– Quantum is the science of the unseen realm.
– In all the groups, we give each other grace. This is a value for Spirit-Centered Business.
– We allow for change as we grow in wisdom and understanding as we are taught and maturing in Christ.
– I see people get freedom and then slide back to default behavior and thought patterns because they believe the lie that getting set free didn’t “work”.
– Liebusting and court cases work on a spiritual level, but we still need to get the sould and body on board with the new-found freedom.
– God says the spirit realm is more real than this physical 3D realm. It’s up to us to live out that truth.

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