Merry Rinat is the Administrator for the EpheONE asset-backed Christian cryptocurrency project. Merry has 30+ years of customer service experience. Communication is her top priority and she believes that a company’s integrity is shown best by how they treat their associates and their customers. Merry is a wife, and mother of 5 adult children. Her greatest joy is to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ onward to maturity and fullness.

Mary Hasz is a prophetic artist who releases onto canvas the pictures the Lord gives her. She fights for the freedom of all people, not constrained by religious doctrine but moving in the power of God. Mary carries a message of hope, teaching on the power of the blood of Jesus and on the keys to overcoming. She invites everyone onto the playground of heaven to be like little children before a very, very good Father. Mary and her husband, Rich, have five grown children and live in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.

– Positioning your hearts and minds
– Crypto has value and it builds
– How EpheONE is different
– Concepts of assets backed by what you own
– EpheOne is owned by all taken owners
– EpheOne has four hard assets
– Fractional buying tokens
– How to buy EpheONE
– Accessing the support team
– Pancake Swap and Metamask wallet

1) EpheONE enables people of faith to do kingdom exploits with the resources that God is going to put in their hands. EpheONE positions the heart and mind to be able to receive as the investments are increasing.

2) If you have the supply and demand of crypto and add a brick and mortar business behind these profitable tokens, then you take that profit and put that into the liquidity, and the value of that token will go up even more in value.

3) The four hard assets given by God were a clothing line. A video game that teaches kingdom and bible basics. A food preservation and water filtration company that will give to the ones who are in need of water and it will also have a retail side, The fourth is a real estate investment, that the token holders will have dividends every month in crypto to hold on to or to sell.

4) All profits with EpheONE goes back into the tokens to drive the value up so the taken holders can do the kingdom things that are on their scrolls to do.

5) We are looking at a property on the Black Sea with a World Trade Center on the bottom floor for vacation rental property. We will begin with one property and the token holders will benefit from the profit on the rental. 

6) Faith and Word tokens are limited and will be used as reward tokens inside the video game to level up and to earn from inside the game when they do well.  Even if you don’t play the game you will profit from the supply and demand for these tokens.

7) The Yahweh token is the currency for the video game. The gamers will buy Yahweh tokens before they can play the paid version.

8) EpheONE token is the core token. There are many with the option to make more. When money is made from assets, it will go back into the EpheONE token.

– Let go of your fear of cryptocurrencies.
– God changed my view of cryptocurrencies.
– EpheONE is appointed and anointed by God.
– No other crypto is backed by hard assets.
– EpheONE is a name everyone will know.
– The clothing line designs were given by God in dreams and visions.
– EpheONE on Telegram offers step by step guides and has a support team.
– MetaMask is a wallet to hold your cryptocurrencies. Be sure to make copies and keep your wallet address plus your 12 seed phrase recovery words in a safe place.
– The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. 

THE WHY: Mary Hasz
EpheONE is a kingdom business. I wanted to get involved with it because my spirit resonated with it. The prices are still outstanding. Go buy a percentage or whole tokens. EpheONE has become my mission to tell everyone about this phenomenal opportunity. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We shift from the poverty spirit by listening to the Holy Spirit’s whisper. 

Dare to believe and present yourself to the Lord and say here I am. I open my hands for the opportunities that resonate with me that are available. Give God a place to breathe on and bless your businesses and investments that are available for you on your scroll by asking and listening to him.

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