Bralynn and Terry continue the conversation on how we are to govern as ambassadors of the kingdom out of our righteous governmental identity and authority as kings and priests.

Terry Spencer is a modern day mystic, spiritual explorer, and a revolutionary who after hearing Yahweh say, “Come away with Me!” has lived a radical lifestyle of intimacy with Jesus. He longs to see creation delivered from the bondage of corruption and God’s kingdom, power and glory established on earth as it is in heaven. Terry’s burning desire is to see His people, cities, states, and nations ignited and transformed by the power and glory of God. Terry flows in the glory realm with a strong prophetic anointing that releases the tangible glory of God.

– Learning to co-create out of our identity and authority
– Being positioned for righteous governing
– Governing our spirit, soul, and body
– Finding God’s eternal purpose
– Creation helping us to fulfill our destiny
– Commanding our mornings
– Partnering with creation for revelation
– Honoring and praising God and creation for our partnership
– The way, truth, and life is the way to govern
– Dealing with our spots and wrinkles for maturity

1) Romans 13:1 is the foundation of whosoever will, can step into governing authority. There is no authority except from God and those authorities that exist are appointed by God. This applies to us all.

2) Our mandated assignment is to root out, overthrow, tear down, and destroy but also we then plan to replant, rebuild, restore, redeem, and establish God’s kingdom. If we aren’t doing both we are only doing half our assignment. 

3) God wants his growing Ecclesia to deliver creation from the bondage of corruption and bring heaven to earth in everything we do.

4) Look every morning to see what’s written on your scroll for your business, your life, and your schedule and how you can administer justice. See how you are to command your morning as a governmental legislative and judicial son.

5) We no longer war the same in fighting on the battlefield. We war from our seated place in him by ruling and reigning here. Any mandate created in that realm then rules over anything in this realm. This is what governing glory actually does.

6) When creation sees a manifest Son it ceases it’s groaning and begins to rejoice because it has found someone who can deliver it from the bondage of corruption. We as well get to partner with creation to help us fulfill our destiny. 

7) We need to be mature Sons before we can govern nations, rule and reign over the world,  judge nations, and judge Angels like it is said in 1 Corinthians 6.

8) Final Nugget: Get out of the traditional battlefield of warfare and get into the government of the Kingdom of Heaven and govern creation. Become a co-creator with God and partner with heaven and earth to help us fulfill our destiny.

– I do and say what I see and hear from Father, This is our goal.
– Preach the gospel and sometimes use words. – Francis of Assisi
– God honors our faith more than he honors our knowledge.
– Teach people to fish, then they learn to use their governing authority.
– Study these top three: holiness, purity, and righteousness
– Governmental Sons removes the darkness form the planet
– Genesis 1;26 “Then God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” This is who we are.
– Psalms 8 talks about the works of his hands and mouth he created, and then gave to us dominion and authority.

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