In this episode Carolyn and Andy share how they step into Father and operate from that throne of rest and peace.


– Words of wisdom quotes turning into tee shirts
– Making declarations from what is heard
– Being lead by Father and expanding step by step and little by little
– Season for transference of wealth
– A seed is planted in the – “Not Yet”
– Oneness and intimacy with Father
– Being filled with the breath of Yahweh and Holy Spirit
– October’s launch of Andy;s YouTube podcast
– Follow the passions of your heart


1) Andy and Carolyn’s designs range from art prints and canvas, art design chairs and rockers, pottery mugs and dishes, even special order place settings, a variety of  Andy’s tee shirts, and more. Both companies are in the links below.
2) You get one idea and then another one comes and It keeps on expanding because it’s what is in your scroll. Being faithful in one step and idea, then God gives you another step that is much bigger. This expansion has expanded from art and designs to The No Limits Ranch. 
3) Act on your desires because it leads you to more and in the process God will refine you so you can handle the process. The refining process gets yourself out of the way so you will be able to handle what Father has for you.
4) Our choices to fulfill the vision God has placed in us individually for our inheritance are not just for us but are also for multiple generations.
5) Andy receives from the Father by submitting in intimacy and oneness with him and asking him to open the eyes of his heart and cause him to see the great and mighty things for his life and in his businesses.
6) It is in this quiet place of intimacy and oneness with Faher that Andy hears Father’s voice behind him, or in his ear, or just his whisper. He uses the Spirit of Discernment to test the spirits to see if it is the enemy, or just himself, or if it truly is the voice of Father. He does this by asking him, “Father, where are you in this quiet time?”
7) Focus on stepping into the breath and breath in the breath of Ruach Ha Kodesh and release the frequency that changes the atmosphere in and around you. Sometimes the scriptures will come forward and you can engage in those.
8) Whatever makes your heart come alive has come out of the heart of the Father. So, step into it and follow the passion of your heart in whatever makes your heart come alive.

– The Lord revealed to me Andy’s words of wisdom, to put them on shirts.
– Everything comes out of the desire of your heart.
– Step by step, little by little, brings expansion upon expansion.
– Stop being fearful and start being faithful. Stand firm in your faith and see the salvation of the Lord.
– Oneness looks like submission to Father. Father, I submit not to my will but your will be done.
– Joy is releasing the sound and Breath of the Father.
– Father promised that all of The No limits Ranch is funded, and he shows us how to do that by bringing connections and pieces together.

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