Merry Rinat is the Administrator for the EpheONE asset-backed Christian cryptocurrency project. Join her and Bralynn as they discuss this exciting new way to build Father’s Kingdom!

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EpheONE is a DeFi “Decentralized Finance” Cryptocurrency project under the BSC Network. It’s building real assets to back our Cryptocurrencies for added liquidity. EpheONE is a cryptocurrency especially designed for our family in Christ that will generate enormous wealth within a short time frame. Our team of developers, financial analysts, swing & day traders have taken great care in its development. 

The originator of EpheONE is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach) whom we thank and love for allowing us to be part of one of the most amazing spiritual and financial movements that the world has yet to see.

EpheONE is not owned by any one person. It’s a community of many, representing ONE; a unified, synchronized movement of the many parts of Yeshua’s Body.  Being an asset-backed cryptocurrency, there are plans for a Christian clothing line, a Christian virtual reality video game that interactively teaches the Bible, worldwide food storage facilities and real estate investment trusts. “REIT”

– The unity in the body of Christ
– God highlighted Ephesians 1
– In a dream Ephesians 1 was connected to a clothing line
– Creating a cryptocurrency as one of four assets to back the clothing line
– Heavenly download about a video game
– Teaching kingdom principles and operations within a video game
– Website for the clothing line
– You can be a top notch real estate investor in a top notch resort
– Asset backed crypto
– Tokens and coins are interchangeable words
– Never invest more than you can afford to loose
– Find us on Telegram

1) People will have the ability to purchase our cryptocurrency to play the game. As they level up in the game they will make money.

2) By playing the video game they will play within events of the Bible’s past and prophetic future. They will  learn the word of God and the Kingdom of God without realizing what they are actually learning.

3) While playing the video game they can choose if they want to be good or evil, and choose if they want to do right or wrong. If they choose to do wrong to get their rewards and to gain during the game, they are going to find out that there is much to be lost by bad choices, so there will be things that will transpire that will cause them to see the cost of their choices.

4) The clothing line is an original design to EpheONE. Each individual collection of clothing will be named after a book of the Bible and each piece of clothing in the collection will have a scripture attached.

5) The clothing line will be in retail boutiques, shops, bookstores, and churches. Distributors will be able to take orders for them and sell the pieces from any collections.

6) A facility is working with us to help do dehydrated foods and filtered bottled water so we can put those resources in the hands of any missionary organization or individuals who are in the field sharing the Kingdom of God with people. On a flip side we will also offer a retail side where we sell our product of water and food in stores or online and that profit will go back into the value of the token driving the value up for the investors.

7) In the country of Georgia located on the Black Sea there’s a World Trade Center being built. Three towers are for vacation resort rental. They are selling the condos and you can buy them for an investment. We plan to purchase as many condos as we can with the capital we can raise. All the people who own tokens will be divided up into ownership of shares for the real estate. When the income comes in each month from the rental, those people holding the tokens will get paid in more tokens and they can if they choose cash out those tokens for dollars. 

– The purchase of the YHWH token puts capital in for us to have the developers, develop the characters and the world’s and all of that stuff for the video game.
– When you give a piece of clothing as a gift you are actually giving the word of God to someone.
– The clothing will be prayed over. The anointing of God prayed over those clothes and we believe it will be a great tool of our witness for the truth of the Gospel.
– Our Goal is in 6to 8 months to have our first limited collection released on a runway with praise and worship music.
– Our original heart was for humanitarian purposes to put money in the hands of people who will do things to excel the Gospel and to minister to the needs of humanity.
– 10% of our funds are allocated to humanitarian funds. The profits from any of our businesses takes the 10% off the top and put it into a humanitarian fund where people will be able to apply and get assistance.

Types of Tokens:
1) EpheONE  TOKEN – One billion is the benchmark now with the option of minting and burning. Offered for only 10 cents apiece. If you purchase between $1,000 and $5,000 worth of those it would be 5 cents apiece. More than $5,000 would be 3 cents a piece. This is the discounted price in the presale time. The price will of course increase based on where we are at.

2) YHWH TOKEN – This is the token that people that are playing the video game will need to play the monetized version of the game with. There will be a free Non monetize version as well. It is $1 right now, The plan is to only have 7 Million of them to be made with minting and burning options. We will increase the price from $1 to $2 then up to $3 and $4 in pre launch time. Even if you don’t play the game you can still buy the tokens because the value will increase as others buy to play the game. It’s kind of like buying stock. 

3) WORD TOKEN limited edition – only has 33,777 to ever be made with no option of burning or minting. Limited edition tokens will be extremely valuable. Also an earned reward token inside the video game.

4)  FAITH TOKEN limited edition – Pre Sold already at $22.22 and is now on the market. At this time it is around $28 on the exchange and there’s only 2222 of those to ever be made. It’s a very limited edition. You can buy a portion of a token like $5 dollars worth.

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