Merry Rinat is the Administrator for the EpheONE asset-backed Christian cryptocurrency project. Merry has 30+ years of customer service experience. Communication is her top priority and she believes that a company’s integrity is shown best by how they treat their associates and their customers. Merry is a wife, and mother of 5 adult children. Her greatest joy is to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ onward to maturity and fullness.

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– Nothing stands against authenticity and integrity
– Impart with passion what you feel strongly about
– Business is attached to our identity
– Be sure your identity is in the right place
– Build business from your experience
– Don’t pick random principles and then apply them
– It’s all about the council of his will
– Don’t miss the mark start with his eternal purpose
– Businesses thrive when God is the starter
– Best principle is to ask what God is doing and join in
– Ask God if you’re a good steward
– Deal with idols in your heart so God can be trust you with resources

1) Share what you are passionate about, especially if it has real value that makes a real difference and has a purpose in God.

2) You are here to be authentic, believable, and have integrity. Nothing stands against this in business.

3) Scripture says the steps of a righteous person are ordered. When you follow in what God has for you, your steps are ordered even if you are clueless about it. He does it anyway and it is amazing.

4) Principles work whenever they are applied. Be sure the principles you are applying are what you want to line up with. We seek to find out if they are in God’s desire first. This brings it from a biblical principle into his eternal purpose.

5) Through the Holy Spirit his kingdom comes within us when we receive his eternal purpose. Our yieldness means that the kingdom flows through us. It imparts the life of Christ himself to others who then do the same thing, who do the same thing, who do the same thing.

6) God has given a plan for his people who want to be in a relationship with him and want to be the vessel he flows through. This enables us to have the resources to do all the things he has hidden in our hearts to participate with him in.

– God puts stuff in us, then he teaches us how to surrender it all to him so he can manifest what he wants through us as a surrendered vessel.
– Pay attention to all the things, places and stations in your life even as a teenager. Every single thing I have ever done in my life has led to a culmination of where I am today.  
– You can’t have a hatred for the journey or the process because every single part is so necessary.
– I have chosen to let Jesus have ownership of my life, so then it’s not just principles I am looking for in my life. It is then God’s desire first. It becomes more than applying principles that work, it moves it into an eternal purpose.
– Ephesians 1 says He does all things after the council of his will. God seeks to reveal himself to each of us by relationship and his desire. It says for us to secure our hearts unto himself.
– The spiritual principle that works for me is running after the relationship with God and putting aside my own ways and means.
– EpheONE Project is cryptocurrency that is made for believers now. When it is on the market it will be bought by believers and non believers as well.
– There is a safe biblically responsible way to participate in digital currency without high risk or taking your whole savings.

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