Dr. Kirk Elliot is an economist, entrepreneur, philanthropist. and founder of the wealth management company Sovereign Advisors. He also serves as CEO and chairman of the Veribella Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission of rescuing those enslaved in a lifestyle of sex trafficking.  Dr. Elliott advises individuals and corporate executives on sustainable strategic growth, and has been advising a global clientele for over 25 years on strategies that incorporate safety, growth, and income. 

Dr. Elliott has authored numerous books, curriculums, and media projects, and has been featured on True News, The Matrixxx Groove Show, The Mike Huckabee Show, InfoWars, and Gary Keesee Fixing the Money Thing.

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– Building wealth can then help people in every way
– Your past builds your character
– The typical corporate world has greed, backbiting & division
– Kingdom people need to be different from the world
– Bridge-building
– Find your niche, and become great at it
– People over profit
– Remembering who your provider is
– Everything starts with us
– People require relationship
– People are not transactions
– Paying attention to Holy Spirit whispers


1) We are products of how we grew up. Even if your past is good or bad you can allow God to turn beauty from ashes when he has control and is your source. Then, by knowing the true one of Love and having that gift of beauty you then can give that back to people.

2) Having hard working parents that were busy working in their business, established in me the ability to build characteristics that included working hard, being nurturing, and being a very protective person. These characteristics showed up in my business work ethics as well.

3) Jesus loved! He loved those around him. He loved those around him. He loved his neighbor, the tax collectors, the prostitute etc. He brought them in and loved them for who they were. He loved and did not condone them or their actions.

4) If you think outside of the box, then you can see how we can do things better, differently, with more impact, and influence.

5) To be successful, requires you to be at the right place at the right time. Then the client can know and understand just why and what you are doing for them and also with them.

6) Being afraid is ok. It lets you know something is wrong. We don’t strengthen  fear by going deeper into it, we face it, so we may become victorious by turning it into faith. When we do this out of desire it becomes life changing.

7) Capacity is not strictly about yourself. We need to be able to handle the wealth God gives you, and also be able to be good stewards with what he has given you.

8) If you focus on people as a transaction, that’s all they will be is a transaction. Spend time with people so that you come into a relationship with them, and they will not be just a transaction and a profit.

– Don’t measure yourself by what you have, but measure yourself by what you give.
– Always remember no one can be your provider, only God is your provider.
– A key to success is to treat people the way you want to be treated by focusing on the love of your provider God.
– Honor is alway doing what is right by others.
– Love causes you to want to have and do more in life.
– Life is about making an impact and having an influence in people’s lives in all areas of life no matter what your title in life is.
– My heart is to give ideas, strategies for profit, and preserving peoples assets as a wealth manager and an investment advisor.
– “Transformed people transform cities.” ~Bill Johnson


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