Bo Kim’s heart’s desire is to see people restored to their true identity, fully living out their destiny with freedom and passion.  She sees beauty in healing brokenness and hope in restoring and strengthening relationships, and instills a desire to leave an inspiring legacy for the next generation.

Bo and Bralynn continue the conversation from part 1, and Bo shares some of the projects she and her organization, Kallah 31, are involved in around the world.  Bo also introduces her recently published book, From Broken to Wild and Free: Stories of Becoming.

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– Being relational is my design
– Everything is relationship
– Pay attention to those in front of you
– What we learn we practice
– How you look at others reflects who you are
– Commune with God all day and be intune
– Understand where you are not having compassion and love
– Freedom beyond the fire
– Run towards freedom
– Freedom is a treasure
– We can be Jesus with skin on
– Communicate in relationship
– The atmosphere of family and love is heaven


1) To be healthy you need to have a clean filter, so you can grow and be effective in your life and in your business.

2) Being there for people helps you because we are all one and we are connected. Growing is not just for me or my family but it affects everyone around me that I come into contact with.

3) We need to have the energy of love because our Creator God has the energy of love.

4) Always look at the people in front of you with value and worth and never assume anything from the surface. Look not with your eyes, but look with the eyes of your heart.

5) Jumping to conclusions about people, the world, and being negative about things or someone reveals the areas you need to grow. It’s not about them, it is about you and how you are seeing and filtering things. Take responsibility for your feelings, words, thoughts, and actions and grow internally.

6) Ego is not who you are. When you let it dissolve and allow God to work in you, you can then become free to be yourself like him. You can be like God and be a blessing, a benefit, patient, kind, and love like him.


– In every situation and place bring who you are designed to be to the table.

– You can measure how you need to grow by seeing how you are filtering things and people.

– Ego is anything, self. Self-promotion, self-protection, self-absorbedness, etc, all come from fear.

– When you let go you get free from yourself, not others. You get freedom from your thoughts, insecurities, lack, scarcity, or whatever it may be.

– Jesus died for my freedom.

– Kallah 31 – People who want to benefit the world by coming together to build relationships and to support one another to make the world a better place.

– FROM BROKEN, TO WILD AND FREE, STORIES OF BECOMING – This book is about stories of becoming. We haven’t all arrived but we have broken places and we have grown from those places in the power of love in the Fathers heart.

– Know who you are and what your identity is. Don’t be covered in stuff. Know that God and his DNA is in you. Draw out that DNA of who you are.

– Leave a legacy and instill a bigger legacy in your children than the legacy you leave. 

– Knowing who you are leaves a legacy because you can then move in your skills and the gifts within you.



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