Bo’s lifelong mission has been to give hope and encouragement to all those around her, sharing her own experience of the transformative nature of God’s love to turn sorrow and pain into joy and blessing.

“My dream is to see people rise out of the ashes of their past into the beautiful masterpiece of their true identity.”

Her heart’s desire is to see people restored to their true identity, fully living out their destiny with freedom and passion.  She sees beauty in healing brokenness and hope in restoring and strengthening relationships, and instills a desire to leave an inspiring legacy for the next generation.

As a speaker, coach and mentor, Bo’s delightful style and inspiring message transforms lives across the United States and other countries.  Her story of overcoming cultural adversities ignites hope and determination to live victoriously through God’s unending grace and love.

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– Being wounded can be turned around
– Take the healer’s hand and go on a journey of healing
– There’s no laughter in survival mode
– Sometimes I have to find myself
– Laughter can be a tool or a weapon in life
– I have to be honest about the stuff in my heart
– Be honest in prayer time
– Life is a gift

1) Growing may be uncomfortable and  painful at times. By facing things head on I learn all about myself, people and how the world works. 

2) The journey can begin, when I realize I could not get myself together on my own. I knew I needed the healer’s hand for guidance.

3) The way I perceive the world and people caused me to stop laughing. As I started the healing process I began to get revelation of who I am, and who I am designed to be. As the healing began, the laughter began too.

4) The way to begin healing is to engage the healer. I had to be honest about where I came from, what I am insecure about, what’s hurting, and why I am feeling so raw all the time. Then he began putting things back together in one piece.

5) I am not facing anything by myself. I am facing everything with God. He showed me where he was in my past and began to change my memories and my past. This was the beginning of the healing journey.

6) Partner with God with all you have got. Tell him you need a healer. Use your strength and your will to yield yourself to him. Let him know you desire to be healed no matter what that may look like.

– I could either stay in depression or take the healer’s hand and go on a journey of healing.

– When you start the journey of healing, you discover more of who you were designed to be. 

– I don’t have to just survive, I can do more and begin to thrive. I then can pass these tools onto my children so they too can thrive and be upgraded in life.

– A big tool to help me get through life is to not take things so seriously. Then I begin to see that there is a bigger picture than myself in this life journey. 

– Don’t ever stop growing. Look for all the ways to grow. 

– Life is a school and there is so much to learn in this life. 

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