Lemuel Adebambo is the founder and senior leader of Imperial Gate. He’s also a public speaker, entrepreneur, author and director of Lemuel’s School of Mastery. He never thought that an encounter with a campus minister in a Nigerian boarding school would lead to a life of adventure in God. 20+ years later, Lemuel’s passion has consistently been to pursue oneness with God.

Through his discipleship training programs, spiritual mentoring/coaching platforms and books, Lemuel is fulfilling his global mandate of bringing the rule of God’s government to Earth. His desire is to help equip the body of Christ for the work of ministry and for governance over the systems of the world.

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– We are heirs of God
– What the kingdom structure looks like
– Business owners are in kingship territory
– We are kings and we have kingdoms
– Our business is our kingdom
– Transitioning from church offices to Kingdom offices
– We are part of and benefit from the Kingdom of God
– Galaxies were made for us
– We all have a maturation process
– We mature to step into position of government
– From king to eternal king

1) There is a fivefold ministry within the church and there is a Kingdom blueprint for offices in heaven. They are not the same, but they do mirror each other.  The 5-fold church model does not exist in the heavenly realm of God’s Kingdom.

2) As heirs of God and heirs to that throne we should understand what the Kingdom of God looks like, how it was structured, and what offices exist in that kingdom structure by stepping into authority, so we can function in that position.

3) Christ made us kings and priests. To have a kingdom means we have territory somewhere in heaven.

4) Starting a business is building an economic system for yourself, or family for generations to come. As a business owner you get in a competitive space. It also means you are taking territory in the spirit realm.

5) Being a business owner opens a way as a king to bring authority to earth. The place of rest is where you can draw on the grace of God.  From that place we can begin to function and govern whatever sphere of influence that God has given you.

6) The old Testament didn’t have a church, they had the Kingdom of Israel. They had offices that were governing bodies for that system.

7) The offices exist in the Kingdom of God to help us understand the Kingdom of God is at hand. It means the offices of the Kingdom of God and the offices of that kingdom are here.

– Seeing Jesus wrecked me forever and changed my life. It began this journey into the mystic realm.
– Kingdom offices were dear to my heart and I desired to understand what his kingdom looked like as heirs of God and his throne.
– Christ has made us Kings and Priests.
– If we are going to have a true impact in our world, we have to embrace the offices that God our Father has created for us to function in, so we can bring the rule of heaven to bear on the face of the earth. 

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