Daryl Crawford Marshall is a seer, prophet and revelatory teacher who loves to equip the body to operate in higher levels of engaging in the realms of the spirit. His gift has activated many into hearing the voice of God more clearly and moving in the things of the supernatural. Daryl also spends time working alongside business and governmental leaders providing prophetic insight and council for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

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Quantum leaping your business into the NEW God has for us is an INSIDE job.  We have to allow him to prepare our inner world for possessing and occupying territory and taking the business mountain.  (Which includes the great reset – wealth transfer!)

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– Prophet to the business world and to government
– Inner world needs to be large enough to receive the Lord’s word
– Alignment with your original design
– Positioning – aligned to what God is speaking in that season
– Nations, government & business
– Saved by seeing an angel
– Kingdom reality intertwined in experience of being Christian
– Engaging in the supernatural to change things
– Only engaging in the natural is not very effective
– Manifesting on earth what we see in heaven.
– Believing in your HEART
– Faith is the substance
– Being in a place of fantasy
– Sober judgement of assignment and season
– Your measure of faith
– Taking territory is an act of war
– Getting our spiritual boots on
– Funding the projects to combat evil
– Restructuring your inner world
– Building your heart capacity
– Realigning in the Quantum Capacity intensive
– A supernatural component released in & through their world

1) My biggest desire is for people to hear the voice of the Lord.  In everything I do that’s the paramount thing – for people to be lined up and to be better attuned to what the Spirit is saying.

2) People need to be lined up to the original design that God has for them in the area of business.

3) The pendulum needs to be swung hard into the things of the supernatural to help bring a level of correction back into the body of Christ.  They are not including the things of the supernatural, the things of the angelic at the level that the Lord desires for us to engage because when we engage in the Spirit, things change.

4) We’re still at a place where we’re asking God to fix everything, and God’s saying, “Why don’t you fix it?”  I’ve given you all authority, I’ve given you access – you’re already in heavenly places.

5) The way that we think about things in the spirit realm is not actually founded on the correct Biblical truth about the way the Kingdom operates.

6) In the area of business, it’s absolutely vital that we soberly  judge our measure of faith. Because otherwise we start to build things out of fantasy that will never manifest.

7) It’s about getting intense with the Lord and having focused time to dedicate to doing whatever the Lord has them do to get themselves ready to experience the increase they have been predestined to walk in.

– I realized my mindset, my inner world was too small to receive what the Lord was actually saying.
– We’re asking God to help us with things that we’re holding in our hands the keys for already.
– People say things they don’t really believe. 

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