S. Elizabeth Gomes is a mystical solutionist with a heart ignited with passion to see the sons of YHWH walk as living love lights in the transfiguration power of Holy Spirit.  She has a deep, passionate, burning love relationship with Abba. He is her “one thing.” From this place of her union with Him, she is committed to help facilitate the maturing of the sons of Yahweh through the Ecclesia of Burning Ones she founded in 2013.

“There are no words, in any language, that can adequately describe my YHWH. He has rocked me from the inside out and I continue to live in the transforming power of His love. I love Him, simply but more than that, He loves me faithfully.”

Elizabeth is a visionary and wears several hats in this glorious adventure, weaving together book publishing, designing websites, video editing, and other creative expressions into a wonderful mural.

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– See people fulfill their scrolls
– Whatever we are wired to, we can engage
– There’s a private line to Yahweh
– See your scrolls, and check out the treasures of heaven
– Spiritual principles are not just for believers, they’re for everyone
– Honor people’s uniqueness
– Put your voice print into print
– If you have something, then go do it
– Whatever your excited about take the first step
– Love the freedom of learning
– Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ
– In his light we are light
– His voice, that walked in the garden changes me
– Ascension starts with descension
– Descensions takes you into ascensions


1) Who we are is recorded inside of us, it’s called a testimony of Jesus. It is also recorded, wired, and hidden inside of us.

2) In the whole fabric of creation, certain principles are established. It’s the joy and the goodness of our Lord to all.  Spiritual principles are things like integrity, kindness, honesty, and faith. They are all great for everyone.

3) If you want to do something, just be free to engage in it fully and rest in it. Enjoy the journey, no matter what the outcome is. Love the joy of stepping out, even though you don’t know about the unknown. Just don’t be afraid to step right into the unknown things.

4) God’s will is for us to follow him. He is our plumbline and our blueprint for all things.

5) Knowing Truth will reveal truth. Truth reveals the truth about who he is, who I am, and everything about me. All I need is to interface with Truth and everything will be revealed.

– Business is not separated from my spiritual life, it is who I am in all one package.
–  In the fabric of who I am there has to be honor, and it has to flow from me.
– Galatians 6:10 – Do good to all men, when the opportunity presents itself, especially to those in the family of faith.
– The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.
– Silence is the most profound thing in all that I do.
– I come to a place of unknowing, where I know him again and again and again and again.
– He rocks my world with his goodness!

–  Elizabeth’s publishing company:  https://www.ecclesiapublishing.com
–  Ecclesia of Burning Ones: https://www.ecclesiaofburningones.com

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