Helena was recently commissioned to work on a project to tell the global story of the Apple.  She and her team used groundbreaking technology to create ‘The Crunch Coda’, which uses solely the apple’s genomic sequence, ATCG, to inform its musical vocabulary.  The percussive nature of the apple bite is interpreted through “crunchy” rhythmic piano textures and octave transpositions.  Bite samples overlay musical samples to create a satisfyingly energetic artistic experience of the eating of an apple, guaranteed to leave a smile.

Helena Cavan was born in Washington State, USA, began writing poetry as a small child and her poem, The Wall, was first published at the age of 12. She immigrated to the UK in 1994 and studied music composition with Michael Finnissy, graduating with a B.Mus, LRAM in 2000 from the Royal Academy of Music. She returned to writing poetry in 2010, setting her poem, Pilgrim’s Journey, to music for mezzo-soprano, Victoria Kane and the English String Orchestra.

Helena is a member of The Winchcombe Poets, which she co-founded with Chris Haslam in 2011. Helena has performed her poetry-inspired-by-music with pianists Marcel Zidani and Janine Smith and launched her first MP3 collection of Concert Poetry recorded with pianist John-Paul Gandy. Poetry commissions to date include Gloucestershire artist, Tony Heath, and Coughton Court, a National Trust property, where her poetry is currently for sale.

Helena is passionate about healthy food for body, soul and spirit and loves flowers and topiary. 

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– Frequencies and sound and how the universe is constructed
– Revelation in how the Spirit Realm works
– Writing words inspired by music
– Reading poetry that was inspired from the garden
– Putting aside creative work in order to start a new business
– Making a sound file of your name by voice, and use a cymascope to create a pattern
– Capturing the sound of an apple crunch
– Making a pattern with cymascope from apple crunch sound
– Apple has 57,368 genes, that is more than twice than in the human genome
– Apple World Map with 46 stories from around the world about the apple
– Understanding the coloration of an apple
– Composition aspect of the apple coda using three notes are A,C, and G to reflect the genomic sequence
– Everyone wants energy

1) 3 way alignment: Internal – Head and heart or intellect and passion. Vertical: alignment with God and his plans for your life and your business, then Horizontal alignment, where you understand the spiritual principles of how the universe works, which includes others, so we work well together.

2) It is beautiful to experience a seed dying in order for a new shoot to start growing and springing to life. God has his timing for germination, so the seeds are always there, but it is his fingers on the pulse as to when things germinate and when they are going to sprout and grow.

3) We can learn things in life and business that can bring you full circle back to join in with your creative work that may have taken a back seat for a minute.

4) It is all about asking the right questions to find the best results. Einstein said, “Give me any problem, I’ll spend the first 45 minutes working out the right question to ask, and then I’ll spend 15 minutes answering the question.”
The question that leads to the discoveries that none of us ever imagined, all start with, I wonder what would happen if ….. !

5) You must understand the genome of the apple crunch, then you can create new varieties of apples and make sure that the apple has maximum crunch. This is necessary because we associate the crunchiness to freshness and juiciness of an apple.

– Everything not attached to God has to go.
– I had an understanding of music from the inside out that opened up a way of feeling and communicating music that was different.
– The fullness of myself is full of the allness of God all the time.
– We each have our own unique voice print in the universe and our stories have to be told.
– My life has 3 areas that have been all present throughout. Health, Composing and Liebusters. The model we are headed is where our lives aren’t compartmentalized, but is showing up in the fullness of ourselves all the time.
– What can we join in and add to someone else to make them bigger and better, plus bring glory to them?
– Believe in your brilliance.
– Bring your energy to someone else’s energy.

– Find the apple stories, the project journal and the science:  https://applesandpeople.org.uk/
– Watch the Crunch Coda video by Helena and Nathan Cavan: https://applesandpeople.org.uk/commissions/#toggle-id-1
– See Helena’s poetry and composing art: www.helenacavan.com
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