Andy Arnold’s charismatic life, heartfelt artwork and motivational products, exemplify his God-given passion to change his world one brush-stroke at a time.  Andy’s desire is to create works of art that speak what is in his heart.  Much of his work is donated to raise money for disabled veterans. 
His mom, Carolyn, is also an accomplished artist and supports Andy in his business, Andy’s No Limits Art. Her business is called Gilded Carriage Art.  Together they teach and speak and create beauty in the world.


Carolyn and Andy (and Andy’s dad Bill) received Liebusts as part of their business coaching with Bralynn. This video is their testimony of the amazing things God did in their lives because of this work.

– Fear of not knowing what to do
– Fear resulting in a staying small mentality
– Not seeing clearly
– Layers of lies
– Being offensive and judgemental
– Feeling limited
– Fear of moving forward
– Stuttering
– Nail Biting
– Seeing everything as black or white
– Smoking
– Blocks in my life
– Fear of getting older
– Fear of missing out because I’m older

– Able to speak in front of larger groups
– Able to paint bigger and bolder with more expression and creativity
– More revelation and freedom
– Scales removed from my eyes so I could see more clearly
– Presents from God to unwrap
– Time with God was richer
– Expand and try new things
– Operate in a NO LIMITS mentality
– More layers of freedom
– More relaxed and peace
– New job opportunities
– New commissions for artwork
– Opportunity for testimony
– Feeling happier

1) Because of Liebusting, I felt freedom and revelation as the scales came off my eyes and I felt like I was three feet off the ground and glowing.

2) Liebusting gives you freedom to step out and not be afraid anymore.  Once those blocks get removed, then you can step into your destiny.

3) Once you clean up the slime and lies on your life, you are able to operate in much more confidence and boldness.  You’ll be able to utilize your gifts and take hold of opportunities to see things manifest in your life and in your business.

– I give myself permission to speak to other people because now I have no limits and there is nothing I am afraid of.
– When I look at myself in the mirror after Liebusting, I see myself in a place of authority, a greater passion, and my love has grown. ~ Andy
– Fear can not penetrate the power of love.
– I have learned to rest in the realm of love, the more love I attain the less fear I have.
– After a Liebust I felt like a lion – like a lion roaring in my spirit!
– Continued revelation is key for growth and freedom.
– Get yourself aligned before aligning with others. Align your head with your heart.
– Look with compassion instead of judgment based on a fear.
– We are about empowering the powerful.

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