Recent upleveling of the Liebusters business model incentivizes working through the course progression to become certified Liebusters.  PLUS, there is now an option to go beyond personal freedom to break organizations, businesses, events or situations free through the Liebusting process.

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– Liebusters mission: Get free.  Stay free.  Set free.
– Use Liebusters as a tool for your personal life and in your business
– Have a business model that puts you and your clients on the same page
– Scalable enough and Sustainable: Money, leaders, and promotion
– Sustainable and Scalable: Growth, professional opportunities, to be part of a move of God
– 5 courses to grow from, 131 teaching videos, 160 lessons
– You want to invest in yourself
– Money is designed to be a measurement of value
– Lie Bust individuals, groups, businesses, past events, places, corporations
– Move your mess to a message, message to business, business to profit
– A group Liebust binds people together in shared experience
– Revelation brings transformation, and transformation brings empowerment

1) Once people feel loved, accepted, and connected they can live out their purpose, value, and thrive in their own personal lives and in their businesses as well. 

2) People need to see this as an investment, it’s not only an investment in their own freedom, but in the freedom of their family, friends and clients they can use the tool with.  It’s also a business opportunity and a professional tool they can add to their toolbox. 

3) Focus on value. The mindset issue is that money is designed to be a measurement of value. When people don’t look at the value, and they just look at the cost, it reveals a poverty mindset.  

4) People can move at their own speed through the Liebusters course or the whole series of courses. Everyone’s on their own journey, and at a different place, so the courses are set up where you can ascend through the different courses at the speed you desire.

– As you become more equipped, you will have a greater value.
– People want to be part of a move of God and feel that they are part of something bigger than ourselves.
– Humanity’s greatest pain is fear, rejection, and isolation. Humanity’s greatest need is love, acceptance, and connection.
– When you change your game, you change your gang.
– As I live as a Son of the Heavenly King, I’ll create value and that value will have currency. 

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