Jonathan and Helena Cavan have now trained over 1,000 people worldwide in the Liebuster process and enjoy reading the regular reports of how ordinary people are learning the Liebuster process in order to help their friends, family and community step into their purpose in life.

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– GLO course is the new Freemium product
– They teach by showing up and sharing their experience
– Connection is the greatest breakthrough
– God speaks to us in visions and dreams
– The oldest trick in the book is based on a lie
– Loss of identity, value & purpose
– Exposing the thing we need to get rid of
– Receiving the truth that informs our identity
– Defining what freedom and truth MEANS in 3D life
– Get free. Stay Free. Set free.
– Reproductive discipleship model
– Fat pew sitters who do nothing with their information
– Growing out of Mom & Dad paying for everything
– It’s not about $$, it’s about the ability to build and invest
– Key is being hungry for freedom
– Meeting God through healing and wholeness
– GLO course overview, including who it’s for
– New private FB Group, Thursdays 8pm UK/2pm Central
– It’s never too late to come off HOLD in your Spirit-Centered Business!

1) When you’re teaching from an authentic place, it’s not about pulling something together.  It’s about pulling something out of your heart and delivering it to people.

2) Even within believing people there’s a deep hurt that they can’t hear from God.  It’s critical to understand how God speaks to us today to move past this hurt into what he truly says about you and has for you.

3) When Adam and Eve believed the 1st lie, it separated them from God in terms of their identity and purpose.  They were no longer able to experience the value of their God-given purpose, nor give value from their purpose.  So breaking agreement with the lie, breaking the power of it, and allowing Jesus to set you free resets your DNA and realignment with God.  We can then reestablish our identity in him, which then allows us to get in touch with our true God-given purpose, which allows us to feel valued and give value.  

4) Jesus said, “Go out into the world.  Just carry my light, carry my love, carry my healing anointing, and let the hurting and hungry find you.  Then release the healing touch of love, compassion & power to bring them to healing and wholeness.”  Then they’ve met God!

5) If you’ve messed up, or been distracted, or you’ve been on hold, it’s never too late.  Because if you have a Spirit-Centered Business, God is always there.  And when you show up, he will fan the flames. SO if you have a Spirit-Centered business, and God is in it, there’s so much grace.  If he has made it, it will never die. And as you come into alignment with him, it will begin to blossom.

– The world doesn’t need more information, it needs connection.
– It’s always by telling one’s story that people become transformed.
– The path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter until daylight has come.
– We don’t take ourselves too seriously because that’s a lot of work!  LOL

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