I sure hope you watched Part 1 with my coach Maryann Ehmann.  She shared the whole story of how she “accidently” made over $100K in just 4 months last year…(Yes, in 2020!)

In this episode she gives some of the backstory that reveals her journey to the extreme abundance mindset that now guides her…and how you can get there too.

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– Religious spirit created fear, poverty & shut down
– Current domestic terrorism creates noticeable fear
– Tremors of fear of possible loss
– Diagnosis of blindness before 55 years old
– Compounded stress, physical issues
– Underlying subconscious thoughts that negate scriptures
– That might be a heavenly truth…but that’s not true for me
– Needing an overhaul
– Healing scriptures
– Financial scriptures
– Miraculous healing
– Abandonment language reveals our thoughts about God
– Call a friend to pray with you…just be willing to pray
– Believing that God loves you enough to do it for you
– Breaking through the veil and the lie
– Revelation of love that needs to permeate us
– Reigning over health, finances, fear, and life
– Kairos moment word spoke to her destiny
– God’s spiritual design is not woo-woo
– Having a settled, “Of course”
– Earning 6 figures in 4 months
– $63,450 in one month
– Feeling hand-tied in business with poverty mindset
– Planning to Profit step-by-step plan to establish your business
– People get lost in the bigness of some of the guru groups
– SCB Activations to tap into what God is saying
– Isaiah 58:6 hunger and relieving misery
– Heart-Based Coaching & Courses
– After spending $$$$, coming to us still confused and stuck
– Picking up the rubble of high hopes dashed by good marketers
– No cookie cutter strategy
– Unique options depending on your desires and destiny

– Preprogrammed thoughts and beliefs are not you – not your identity.
– We need a fresh revelation of God’s love for us.
– Romans 5:17 – He who receives the abundance of grace and favor and the free gift of righteousness will reign as king in this life, on this planet, at this time through Christ.
– Your desire has to be transformed into a decision.

1) We have a hard time appropriating the things of God for ourselves personally because of some kind of false belief we have going on that we’re not even aware of.

2) We have to be courageous about tackling preprogrammed thoughts and beliefs and challenging them when they are not completely in alignment, body, soul & spirit with God.

3) We fault God when we ask why this isn’t happening, or question where he is in a situation.  Thoughts & words like this say God has abandoned you…that you don’t have what it takes, and God isn’t there for you.

4) If we’re not standing on the truth, if we’re not seeing the manifestations of God, if we’re not seeing miracles, chances are we have a love problem. Something within us is saying we’re not loved enough.

5) If this resonates with your heart at all, then you’re on the path to prosperity. That means that God is already stirring your heart.  He’s working in you.  You may just need to make the decision that it is finished.

Maryann trains Bralynn on the 5 D’s to Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire
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