Scott Bryditzki is a business leader, speaker, and pastor in the Sacramento, CA area.  He began his career in the food brokerage business in the 1980’s and after 18 years he left his management position with the company and purchased a small food brokerage. Over the next decade the company grew to become one of the leading specialty brokerages in the western United States. In 2013 Scott sold his shares to the minority shareholders.

During the next 2 1/2 years, Scott volunteered part time at Destiny Christian Church while doing his ministry schooling. He obtained his pastoral license and was brought on staff at Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin California as the Pastor of Community Development. He and his wonderful wife Debbie of 38 years also pastor the couples in their Marriage Enrichment Class and do marriage and individual counseling. 

Scott also leads a group of Christian business owners called Kingdom Builders, and speaks at various marketplace ministries around the area. Scott and Debbie have 4 children including an adopted daughter from Haiti and currently have 4 grandchildren but are expecting their kids to at least double that number!

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– Awakening the church
– Focusing on 4 mountains of culture
– Lay leaders
– Walked away from income to more purpose
– Christian principles in business
– Doing service projects
– Holy Spirit structure
– Strategy to impact culture in region – state
– “Christian life” just sitting in church once a week
– 2 Mandates: Evangelistic and Cultural
– Jesus movement/revival in the 70’s
– Government, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Business, Family have not been impacted by the Church
– Required to have ROI in business
– 78% of people who call themselves Christians didn’t even vote
– Best practices of blueprint to model transforming culture
– Strategy for after revival
– Unbiblical approach pastors take toward business people
– Giftings not just to give money to do ministry
– Chief Sheepdog gathering people & coalitions
– Doing culture shifting in Ekklesia groups
– People in church aren’t necessarily saved
– Churches are supposed to be “Discipleship Centers”
– Transformation Center launching in Rocklin, CA
– Mobilization is key
– Shout out to Kingdom Equipping Center
– Shout out to Larry Hill
– Finding synergy together
– Changed the outcome of a local school board election


  1. In business you’re required to make a return on your investment – otherwise you’ll go out of business – you’re forced to make it work.  But there’s no requirement for ROI, no pressure to make it work, in the church.  History shows that the culture took a nosedive after the revival of the 70’s
  2. What precedes a revival is an awakening, but then you have to have a transformation of the church going into the culture.  Those lives have to be transformed, not just for salvation but for lordship to step into culture.  The final piece is the reformation of culture.
  3. We need to charge the gates of hell (rip people out of hell) rather than taking a backseat approach.  It’s a winnowing time to separate the sheep from the goats.  It’s time for pastors to become new wineskins and stop doing the same old thing that makes no difference in culture.
  4. Business people have been given giftings not to give money to the pastors to do ministry, but God has called every one of us to do ministry…through our business.

– If you just want another Christian business networking group, I’m not your guy.  But if you want to actually DO something that impacts the Kingdom, I’m your guy.
– The church, for the most part, has walked away from the cultural mandate Jesus gave us.
– He’s given us armor to go out into battle, not to sit in the church.
– It’s in business that you can fund the change in the world that you want to see.
– The BB guns of individual churches need to stack together to form a shotgun that blows a hole in culture.

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