Sebastian Diaz is an ex-pro soccer player turned Health & Fitness Coach.  Born in Argentina, he came to the United States to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing pro.  Inspired by his own journey of injury recovery and then prevention, his passion is to help people get out of pain and on the road to full healing, body, soul & spirit.  He believes God meant for our lives and health to be integrated, whole, and fully aligned. He helps athletes (even armchair quarterbacks) break off mindsets that keep them in pain and in unhealthy lifestyles. Sebastian believes you CAN live your BEST life fully aligned.

He lives in Kansas with his beautiful wife (he met playing soccer!) and his trusty black lab Duke.

Sebastian attended the 2020 session of Bralynn’s Planning to Profit program, which catapulted his business.

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– Trusting that God is good
– Clear wrong mindsets
– Need to have God lavish his love on us
– God’s light heals injuries
– Meditating for injury prevention
– Peaceful state prevents injuries
– Listening to your body
– Proper posture
– Muscle activation
– Take a pill to make pain go away mindset
– Cumulative effect of poor posture
– People expecting to be raptured…
– Buffets and candy at church
– Having energy to function
– Our body is our vessel to get our destiny done
– Freedom rather than religion
– Loneliness and depression after being hurt
– Feeling not understood
– Health is worth spending money on
– Rest in his presence
– Intermittent fasting to connect
– Have a blast eating when you’re hungry
– No one will take care of your body for you, not even God.
– Energy healing
– We heal with movement
– Be more gentle with your body
– Let the mind of Christ flow over your entire body
– Bralynn’s Planning to Profit Program


  1. Our mindset is the biggest thing that holds us back.  Because if we don’t believe that God is good, if we don’t trust, if we don’t make that belief ours in our heart, we’re going to struggle with love, with pain, with everything in this life.
  2. God needs your body to be here on earth.  We have to take care of it, and eat healthy in order to fulfill our destiny.  When we feel better we can connect with God better.

– You’ve got to pay attention to what you do all day, your posture and overactivating muscles.  Pay attention to form in your daily routines.
– Any kind of pain is fixable, solvable.
– It really hurts my heart when church people just bring candy and other toxic food to kids’ events.
– Eating unhealthy makes it harder to connect with God.

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