Sebastian Diaz is an ex-pro soccer player turned Health & Fitness Coach.  Born in Argentina, he came to the United States to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing pro.  Inspired by his own journey of injury recovery and then prevention, his passion is to help people get out of pain and on the road to full healing, body, soul & spirit.  He believes God meant for our lives and health to be integrated, whole, and fully aligned. He helps athletes (even armchair quarterbacks) break off mindsets that keep them in pain and in unhealthy lifestyles. Sebastian believes you CAN live your BEST life fully aligned.

He lives in Kansas with his beautiful wife (he met playing soccer!) and his trusty black lab Duke.

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– Strong work ethic brought blessing
– Holy Spirit led journey
– Peace in difficult decision
– Bringing your body back into balance
– Getting rid of false mindset
– Believing a diagnosis made it true
– Learning to hear your body
– Knees represent a struggle with authority
– Wrong concept of God
– Accepting God’s love

God wants us to live a fully aligned life.

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