3 Spiritual Keys to Unlocking
Your Business Potential

Alignment | Access | Impact

We are going to explore ALIGNMENT: Your head & heart, aligning with God, and aligning with the universe and others.  This includes IDENTITY and DESTINY - critical factors in your business.


One of the newest, and most exciting aspects of doing spirit-centered business is ACCESS into the supernatural.  For wisdom, resources, divine connections, angelic help in carrying out your mission, and to see what the purpose and destiny of your business really is.  (...and more. 😉 ...but we don't have time to teach ALL of heaven's secrets in 1 class!)


And lastly, IMPACT.  Do you have the practical business skills and tools to really transform lives and make a difference in the world with your business?  What legacy are you leaving?

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During This Webinar You Will Discover

This class is for anyone in business, or wanting to start a business, who understands that our spirit nature and the spirit realm impact our business, both positively and negatively.

  • ALIGNMENT: Align your passion, intellect and true identity, align with God and his plan for your destiny, and align with the universe and others.
  • ACCESS: We now have new technology for accessing the spirit realm with all of its supernatural resources and divine wisdom, creativity, and assistance in fulfilling our destiny through our business.
  • IMPACT: You and your business are designed and fully capable of breathtaking impact in the world. The only challenge is in our understanding of how to do it, and belief in our ability to do it. Spirit-Centered Business gives you these keys!

Bralynn Newby

Your Webinar Host

Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, helps coaches, speakers and influencers package their brilliance to transform more lives, make more money, and make a bigger difference in the world.  She is an Author, Speaker, Co-host of Kingdom Talks, and Creator of Planning to Profit

Gil Hodges

Your Webinar Host

Gil Hodges is the founder and host of Kingdom Talks, leader of the Kingdom Equipping Center, and helps high performance professionals breakthrough barriers and receive Divine wisdom.  He is a Speaker, Spiritual Coach, and Co-Creator of the Ultimate Impact Series

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