Jeff Rohr is a serial entrepreneur and Kingdom builder.  He’s a mentor, business owner, property manager and real estate developer. 

Jeff and Bralynn discuss Identity and Covenant in this 2-part series.  Part 2 is truly understanding what a covenant with Father and his Kingdom means for your business, and engaging from that position on your throne.

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– Court cases when we go off the rails
– Intimacy needs to be understood before court
– Being irritable, snippy, reactive, angered
– Yielding, submitting, being humble
– Capacity in business opens up
– Getting access points cleaned up first
– Seeing others with heavy grace
– Teaching from a student perspective
– Covenant w/Father = 2 kings in covenant
– Tapping into limitless resources
– Kingdom-minded partnerships
– Covenants are tied to land
– Taking territory in the airways
– Authority, Mountains & Thrones
– How to engage your part of the covenant
– Positions of authority in the market
– Must have a strategy to engage
– Blueprints, Mandates & Scrolls
– Usurping honor is fear-based & demonic
– Being yielded and humble
– Operating biz from spirit rather than soul

1. Recognize Identity pressures from not fulfilling who you really are – that true image of the Father that lives inside you, and instead living with a negative image of yourself.  This manifests in being irritable, snippy, reactive, triggered, offended, and so on.  When this happens, you can step into the courtroom and say. “Father, judge me to life,” to get rid of that junk inside you that’s being highlighted.

  1. Wait and watch for the fruit. That’s faith.  Wait for the judgement of your court case to manifest without meddling with it.
  2. Father is the one sustaining the covenant. He’s not going to break it, and you violating it doesn’t mean it’s broken either.  He’s upholding both ends because we are his sons – kings, inheritors of the kingdom.  We can then tap into limitless resources, unlimited capacity in power and strength because he knows we need those things to honor our part in the covenant.
  3. Before you start your day, take your position on your throne!  You’ll then be able to move things in the spirit and take dominion over your industry.  Ask what it is you’re supposed to do for the day to engage in your part of the covenant for the day.

– The access points the enemy has into your life are the access points into your business. 
– Coming into alignment with the principles of covenant stems from understanding your identity.
– Things start happening when you have scrolls and engage them.
– Honor is a big deal in the Kingdom, and sorely missing in the body of Christ.

How Access and Implement Blueprints, Scrolls and Mantles
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