Jeff Rohr is a serial entrepreneur and Kingdom builder.  He’s a mentor, business owner, property manager and real estate developer. 

Jeff and Bralynn discuss Identity and Covenant in this 2-part series.  Part 1 is positioning yourself in your identity and operating from there, rather than from the idolatry position the culture operates from.

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– Authority is found in identity
– Challenging the level of integrity in business
– Implement what you know in the spirit realm first
– Building your mountain
– Scandals, cheating & manipulation
– Destroying identity
– Compromise
– Intimacy
– Positional mantles
– God gives the favor
– Strengths & weakness = finding identity in skillsets
– Daily biz operations from your Creator
– Shifting the way we market and attract business
– Customer service is a lost art
– Digitally proving yourself to customers
– Hearing and getting clear direction from God
– Leading with your skillsets
– Spending time listening
– Open our consciousness to Father
– Challenge the voice you’re hearing
– Contrast of measurement
– Burden of shame we cover up
– Perception of salvation

1. Spirit-Centered business means governing from your spirit being, and all you have access to in the spirit realm.  As opposed to governing from a soulish, carnal, psychological side of business.

2. Most people have a vision of success inside them.  They know they can have more, be more, serve more.  They see themselves upleveled.  This image is an imprinting from Father.  It’s part of our scroll, our blueprint, and mandate.

– Your fears inform how you operate your business and how you show up in the marketplace.
– It’s as challenging to say, “No”, and wait as it is to go out and hustle and get that paycheck.
– The road to success starts with humility.

How Access and Implement Blueprints, Scrolls and Mantles
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