Dean shares principles and practices he uses to be wildly successful in an industry known for failure.

Dean Hankey, The Marketing Magician, SPEAKtacular EnterTRAINER & ImpleMENTOR, and  Author, Expert, Speaker and Entrepreneur is known as America’s trusted small business “Marketing Magician & Re-ELATIONomics VIP Leadership Expert!” He has traveled around the globe performing, presenting, entertaining, educating, speaking, teaching, preaching and nagging about the “Proven, Powerful, Profit-Producing Principles of People Performance & Persuasion Power Unleashed”.

Dean has nearly 50 years and over 30,000 live professional presentations & success solutions for some of the largest companies and organizations on the planet. He is is multi-passionate, and multi-gifted!  His current heart-throb is Pay it Forward and Profit, which has generated over $20 million for charitable organizations worldwide.

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– Awkward, oversized, abused kid
– Found solace in magic
– Raised Mormon – valued family
– “Starving artist” – level of excellence in failure
– Documenting the process of success
– Being an infopreneur
– Mastering the “Yes”
– Doing whatever you have to to make ends meet
– Pay it forward and profit
– Using magic as a sales and success training tool
– Poverty mindset
– “Digital” event rather than “Virtual” event
– Money making marketing magic
– CEO: Chief Experience Officer
– Pivoting in a time of turmoil
– Zoom fatigue and Goat to Meeting
– Changing the physiology, neurology & immunology
– Leveraging free content for paid results
– Free & easy, no risk money
– We are in the Value-providing business
– TV = Transformational Vocabulary
– Using skills, principles, persuasion & insights of a magician
– Seeing and calling your peeps as God sees them

– Every master was once a disaster.
– Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow. ~ Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly!
– Get rewarded for providing value.
– Profit is emotional, spiritual, relational, intellectual, and financial.
– God wants more for us than we can even imagine for ourselves.
– If you want more business simply find more people to serve.
– The words we choose and use have a neurological impact.
– If what breaks the heart of God breaks your heart, you are so in the right place!
– Create value that generates impact so everybody profits.

– Find your Passion. Do your Purpose. Make it Profitable.


1.  The core of Dean’s success, and how he was able to leverage a $20 million business, were these 2 critical questions: 1) Who can I help?  2) How can I help? 

2. If we’re so tied up making a living for ourselves, how can we generate a lifestyle or a legacy for serving others.

3. Use the fun tricks and tools of a magician in your marketing and presentations to create an experience that will impact people that they will remember.

4. Instead of coming to people saying, “Give me a booking. Give me a check. Give me… and I’ll show you some magic tricks.”  I’m saying, “How can I use my skills, talents, resources, assets, abilities, passions, programs, compassions and processes to make a difference for you?” And I still get to do what I love to do and I get to make a whole lot more money because I can help more people. If you want more business. This is for everybody… If you want more business simply find more people to serve.

5. If you fail to provide results, no matter how slick or savvy your marketing is, no matter how slick or savvy your customer service is, no matter slick or savvy your idea is… If you fail to deliver on value and results, you fail as a business person.

6. If you value people like God values them, in the way he values them, you have your entire business right there in a box.

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