Malvina Laudicina is a prophetic artist, life coach, public speaker, author, and business owner. Her passion is to equip people with creative solutions, allowing them to uncover their God-given destiny.

Part 1 focused on our birthright and how important it is to walk out your destiny, including being in the right business.  Go back and catch it if you missed it!

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– Why are you here?
– Operation COVID flattened the globe and changed the way we do life
– Proverbs 31 is governmental instructions for a military wife
– Understand your legal rights as a wife
– Successful = being true to your mission statement
– The hazard of being amazing at what you’re not called to do
– Why are you here in a moment of crisis
– God provides when you trust him
– The message of the world is to live in fear
– What are your CORE values?
– What moves you, what drives you?
– Encountering God can be traumatic
– Identity vs roles we play
– Finding your true purpose
– Self-sabotage
– Rejection of creatives
– Cherish the creative in culture
– Movies and shows capture our minds and hearts and are used for programming
– Craftsman rising to bring solutions
– God is the ultimate dreamer
– Wife knows how to create, to sell – she’s a merchant
– How to support yourself while you’re creating
– Creativity is a threat to the enemy
– Repent for not dreaming and not helping our children do what God shaped them to be
– Position & Passion
– Will you do what God is calling you to do?
– Support creatives when you can

1. We need to transition from the Song of Solomon bedroom bride to a wife – a legal force to be reckoned with at the gates.  We have birthrights, legal rights, and spiritual rights to do the thing that only we can do.  So when we don’t enter into those rights, we’re off, not authentic.  We’re not doing what we were designed to do.

  1. See who you are truly: Look back at the highs and lows of your life.  The lows are places where the devil tried to kill you or corrupt the original intent God had for you.  When you chisel out the trauma, you’ll always find a gem there.  That’s why the enemy spent so much time trying to destroy it.
  2. God is all about order, so you must have a legal right and jurisdiction to act in the heavenly realms, and specifically in the courts.  The enemy hangs out around the courts and acts bright and pretty.

– The shape of God inside you is something only you can express.
– My mission statement: I bring transformation to people by showing them the ways and purposes of God.
– Make decisions that allow you to do what God called you to do.
– You need to be true to who God made you to be.
– A high percentage of Christians don’t know why God put them here.
– The enemy works overtime to shut down creativity.

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