Malvina Laudicina is a prophetic artist, life coach, public speaker, author, and business owner. Her passion is to equip people with creative solutions, allowing them to uncover their God-given destiny.

After two decades in corporate America, the Lord began to call Malvina to full time ministry. Comfortable with her positions in the pharmaceutical industry, she resisted and began to develop signs of rheumatoid arthritis, escalating to the point of spinal surgery. Bed-ridden for months on end, she decided to surrender to the Lord’s perfect will and started understanding the love that God had for her. Through visions and dreams, her relationship with Christ began to flourish. Through art and creativity, her body began to heal. Now, Malvina speaks about her experiences, showing how the Lord can restore even the darkest, most shattered places in our lives through love, wisdom, and creativity.

Malvina has the ability to help people find their identity and purpose in Jesus Christ. She believes the Body of Christ needs to understand God’s wisdom and creativity in order to achieve this goal. She is the author of Strategic Creativity which helps individuals uncover their destiny by utilizing divine inspiration. Malvina believes we ALL must understand how to operate in the supernatural realm. We must understand our dreams and visions. We must comprehend God’s voice and God’s ways so that we can fulfill the calling that is on our lives. She has developed tools to equip all persons, especially the younger generation, to hear the voice of the Lord so they can manifest the wisdom of God in their own lives.

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– Traumatic encounters with God
– Using elements of identity to walk out your destiny
– Coaching people into their destiny
– Repent of small dreams
– Know the shape of God inside of you
– Your mission statement is your compass
– Playing the game of being a cultural Catholic
– Having a disconnect between what you hear about God and what you see in your life
– Can we accept that we haven’t done what God told us to do?
– Being taught by God
– Healing & transformation through art & creativity
– We are a body and interconnected
– Raise up an army to go to battle without doubt or fear
– 2 Tim 1:9 He called us
– We each have a tribe that resonates with us
– Birthright is sacred – legal
– We are sacred vessels
– We have a predetermined assignment
– Most Christians won’t take the risk to pursue their dream
– There’s a tension between our current situation and where God wants us
– People need to be equipped to make the transition
– Part 2 – Shifting from being a bride to being a wife

1. God brings you back to himself by taking you look at your life and seeing if you are being true to yourself. It may take a crisis for you to realize you’re living a life you weren’t created for. Don’t sell your God-given birthright and destiny for a shiny, culturally successful “bowl of soup” life that isn’t yours. Not living your God-given destiny is acting godless, which is profanity. Even not discovering your birthright is considered profane.

2. Decisions involving your destiny have eternal consequences. Your choice of career determines whether you are honoring or despising your birthright. The business you choose to build matters.

– God was saying, “We have to clean the altars and get rid of all this stuff.”
– Communities [of believers] need to refine how they instruct people.
– We are here to give God glory, so if you’re not pursuing the dream he gave you, you are not giving him glory.
– Rewrite your story to match my book.

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