Dr. Faisal Malick is a best-selling author, accomplished entrepreneur, pastor, and gracious friend to people not yet following Christ. Formally a Sunni Muslim, he had a profound encounter with God in 1994 and came to the realization that Jesus is indeed the Son of God.

He is the author of six compelling books including: Here Comes Ishmael, Positioned to Bless, The Political Spirit and with nearly a half a million in print, 10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God, a book that is reaching hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the world through the Amazing Muslims Project. Faisal’s newest release, The Truth of Economy, is a “look behind the curtain” at money, wealth, and economic structures to clearly understand money’s eternal purpose. 

Dr. Malick is the CEO of Malick Media film and broadcast studios and President of the Plumbline Network, a global leadership network. The network consists of several arms or extensions; a credentialing arm, an educational arm through the Plumbline Institute, a media arm through Plumbline.TV, as well as the missions arm of Faisal’s vision “to bring life to your story” and reach the world.  

Faisal is also the lead pastor of a thriving Church, Covenant of Life in Vancouver, BC.


– God is a visionary
– We are kingly priests
– The constitution of the Kingdom
– Functioning in the principles of God’s economy
– The war between the two economies
– God is the owner, we are the asset managers
– Money must be valued and esteemed
– Take wealth and align it to God’s vision
– Mammon is wealth personified
– Every person has the responsibility to handle money
– God wants you to participate in both economies
– Use money to make friends (Luke 16)
– Reverse money laundering
– God’s 10% cleanses the other 90%
– Buy & Sell vs. Sow & Reap principles
– Going into the world’s economy with ideas, wisdom, strategy, anointing, supernatural assistance, favor that we’re going to make money.
– James 5: Money has an audience in the courts of heaven
– Tithing is about honoring the covenant
– Applying spiritual principles in the business world
– Sow a seed of forgiveness (grace)
– Entitlement vs. Inheritance/Investment mentality
– When money is used for Satan’s purposes
– The Lord of heaven’s armies is over money
– Money is ALWAYS spiritual
– Your seed has a voice that gives you spiritual rights
– Root of the religious spirit is the love of money, Luke 16
– St. Francis married the spirit of poverty, and the reformation never broke that covenant.
– 3rd religious hybrid economy
– Why making money has warfare attached to it
– God favors and loves entrepreneurs – the embodiment of faith
– How to get cats to trust you
– Getting set up in 2020 for the whole rest of the decade
– The current chaos is all about Mammon because it’s prophetically shifting to the hands of the reapers.
– Critical to build Kingdom business right now!
– Bring your business into heaven
– As an asset manager, the burden is off your shoulders
– God wants you positioned in your business so he can transfer the wealth to you.
The Truth About Economy book
– Alignment precedes assignment.
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– God is calling them back to the table
– Faisal’s conversion story at a business convention
– Gos’d heart & plan for the Muslim and Jewish people

1. There are 2 economies that overlap, and we have to operate in both of them.  Jesus is the CFO of God’s economy, and Mammon (Satan) is the CFO of the world’s economy.  God’s economy functions in the world’s economy, and we cannot separate the two.

2. God’s single purpose and vision for wealth: to establish and confirm the covenant he made with Abraham to bless all families of the earth in the person of Jesus Christ through the gospel of the kingdom.  In Deuteronomy 18 it says that God gives us the power to create wealth, so we can fulfill his vision for mankind.

3. We all have a sense of purpose in our hearts. We all have an anointing. There’s something unique about us. There’s a passion God has placed in our spirits, something we desire and long for. When something inside you goes off when you hear words that connect to your anointing, that is revelation connected with something that was already in your spirit and it caused you to awaken to a realization of it. That’s how God works. Oftentimes, he awakens things he’s already placed in the spirit of people.

4. We need to be faithful with unrighteous mammon. God says all the money in the world economy is unclean from his standards, but he didn’t say run away from that money. In fact, he said your definition of stewardship is based on how you handle that money, not how you spend money or save money. (Luke 16:11)

5. Three Categories of Revenue: Tithe, Seed & Bread: Never eat your seed, and never sow your bread.  God’s 10% cleanses the other 90%.  Be led by Holy Spirit to know which part of the 90% is seed vs. bread. You don’t use seed in your business to grow your business. You use seed to sow in the Kingdom.  When you tithe in your business: machinery lasts longer, get better deals on products you buy, employees are better, last longer, more loyal, won’t steal from you, better development of team dynamics, God’s favor, and you’ll be more successful.

6. Reverse money laundering: In God’s economy we sow and reap. Iin the world’s economy, we buy and sell. So we need to be out there buying and selling. Once we take money out of the world’s economy and sow it into God’s economy, something happens.  Another spirit attaches to that money, and the spirit of Mammon is removed from that money. Now God’s Spirit is attached to that money and literally angels or luminous beings now accompany that money because it’s now become heaven’s money.  And when you take that money and invest it back in the world’s economy, it attracts more wealth to it. So we can redeem more money out of the world’s economy and repeat the cycle. I call this cycle reverse money laundering.

7. There’s a spirit of multiplication on money. It is designed to grow. It’s multiplied in the world’s economy and testifies against mistreatment.  It is requesting to be reassigned back to the proper reapers to be used correctly, to establish the Abrahamic covenant.

8. Bringing the presence of God with you in business. The presence will give you their trust.  This is an opportunity to thrive in business, and apply these spiritual principles.  When a challenge comes up, give it back to God.  It’s his business.

– Entrepreneurship in this era is one of the most important things in God’s Kingdom.
– If entrepreneurs had been established with these principles prior to the CV thing, the economy would not have shut down. The money would have already changed hands and been in the hands of God’s people.
– Build according to God’s blueprint.
– We need to be unashamed to carry out our assignment to create wealth.
– Money always represents a spirit trying to express itself.
– If you make room for my vision in your life. I’ll make room for you in my vision.
– Whenever money moves, it’s moving in the spirit realm. Whatever spirits connected to it begins to move.
– It is actually unspiritual NOT to participate in the world’s economy.
– God says, “I will trust you with heaven’s wealth if you can prove you can handle the world’s money.”
– Money is never lost, it just changes hands.
– Money says, “Would you please reassign me to your original vision.”
– Every time money is used in this world to sow, it always opens spiritual doors.

The 2nd Most Important Principle You’ll Learn in Your Life.
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