Even traditional businesses that are not online can use content marketing.

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– Works for any type of business, brick and mortar, etc.
– Wisdom-based biz creates revenue from brilliance
– Using your expertise and knowledge
– Sharing from a place of serving
– Relieve a pain point
– Answer a question
– Create convenience or speed
– Always offer value they need
– FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
– SAQ = Should Ask Questions for educating your customers
– Share what inspires you to create or do what you do
– Doing something is better than doing nothing, don’t go for perfect
– Video is best, but do what you can do
– Use the transcript from your video as your blog
– Collaboration rather than competition
– Knowing your competitive advantage
– Being shrewd as serpents as well as innocent as doves
– Deploying spiritual help
– Need Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding & sharpening of your skills
– Tell a client case study of how you helped them
– Repurpose your content
– What does your website branding say?
– Your website is the front door of your business.
– Be authentic, be YOU.


1) Don’t ONLY post something on social media.  Make sure it can be found on your website as well.  Make that your hub where people can find your expertise posts, as well as your “About” and business info, etc.
2) Have a pop-up on your website offering a valuable freebie they need in exchange for their name & email.  Collect their deets to add them to your list so you can send emails to them,  This is all automatic.  Once it’s set up you don’t need to do anything manually.
3) You don’t need to be fancy or brand your content (blog, podcast, video show, etc.) as a stand alone “product”.  You just need to brand it to your business.
4) Just ONE way to create and use marketing content: a) Post a video on your YouTube channel.  b) Take the video url and embed it as a post on your website. c) Post a teaser on social media that takes people to your website to watch the video.  And if you have your pop-up there, you can also make your freebie offer.