Bralynn Newby, the Message Architect, is a Kingdom warrior called to release and activate voices held captive by fear, doubt and confusion. She helps visionary coaches, speakers and influencers design their business around their message, build leveraged systems and structure, and activate their influence to transform more lives and make more money. She is the creator and host of Spirit-Centered Business™, author of Planning to Profit; Architecting Your Unique Story into a Business you Love, and co-host of Kingdom Talks


– Uncertainty of the world
– Starting or transitioning a business
– Genuine, heart-based businesses
– Upcoming Master Class
– What they tell you on the news is NOT true!
– Come up higher – new perspective
– Bigger picture of Kingdom building
– Why are you in business?
– Amplified problems you’re called to solve
– Never feeling “ready”
– Educational or Inspirational piece of your business
– Online courses, memberships, etc.

“There are people who need to hear your voice.  The difference that you bring to the marketplace is your own uniqueness and being Spirit-filled, and Spirit-Centered.”
“This is the time to shine, and you have it in you to do it.”