I just felt a now word regarding clarity and hope today, so I jumped on Facebook and did a live scope.  Enjoy!


– Going through life dulled down
– Big life issues are foggy
– Stuff put on us: incompleteness, chaos, confusion
– Internal unsteadiness
– Alignment with that which is not ours
– Doubt, lack of self-worth
– Not seeing our value
– Feeling constricted
– Called to wide-open spaces
– Slogging through day to day
– Being kept small
– Knowing life is supposed to be different
– Analyzing thoughts that don’t seem to be yours
– When procrastination is a protective device
– Walking by faith vs living in love
– My amazing clients’ unique voices!
– Waiting to get picked robs you of your power and authority
– Other people’s agenda for you

“Your voice and what you have to say, and the way you say it is important.”
“Stop renegotiating with yourself.”
“Indecision is a form of self-abuse!”
“When you’re clear, you have a certainty that brings hope.”
“HOLD.”  LOL – if you’re just reading this…you’ll have to watch!


1) When we’ve made a good decision, the only thing we need to do is stay in the frequency of the certainty of it, and not renegotiate with ourselves.
2) Our destiny is not a destination.  It’s the journey, and the lives we touch, the lessons we learn, and who we become that makes up our destiny.
3) When everyone else is in chaos and you’re in certainty, your only job is to HOLD.