Todd Weatherly is a brilliant communicator, who carries a strong healing, deliverance and prophetic anointing, and has ministered extensively throughout the nations in crusades and conferences. He is also mandated to influence the leaders of all spheres of society, connecting with governmental and business officials. He is an apostle and evangelist and desires to see people come into the fullness of the finished work of the cross. Todd is the co-founder of Field of Dreams Church, Adelaide, Australia. 

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– Spiritual barrenness, things not working
– Reformatting your inner world
– Business on life support
– Weeks & Months vs. Years and Years
– God-kind of faith
– Radical belief that you HAVE received
– Time-space continuum
– Poverty has friends
– Thanking God 2-3 hrs a day
– Hopelessness and despair
– What to do when nothing changes
– How to apply the finished work
– Substance of things not seen
– Business explosion
– Converging with what already is
– Higher frequency spiritual trading floor
– Connected to realms of hopelessness
– Set precedent for a new paradigm
– Measurable KPIs, has to look like something
– Dream interpretation, Adam Thompson
– Angelic visitation calling the Daniel Company
– Mapping your scroll
– Living scroll speaks
– Level 4 narrative connection
– Stop flogging a dead horse
– Minimize liabilities
– New move of God in Intellectual Property
– Dodging the spirit of death
– Nature of reality
– Back engineer your day the night before
– Find your offramp

“The work is not in your business, the work is internal.”
“Scrolls are the pathway into the supernatural.”
“We’re not called to fight the devil, we’re called to fight the fight of faith.”
“God’s not the bottleneck, we are.”
“Your destiny is not your decision, but your discovery.” ~ Mike Murdock
“The enemy is functioning on 5G, and we’re still on dial-up.  God wants us to be on 10-12G.”
“Sustained focus creates momentum, and momentum creates breakthrough.”
“Wisdom is the synapse between realms.”
“Praise is a transportation device.”
Re: About Zion: “One decree from here is worth 1,000 down there.”

1) In order to truly manifest the substance of things not seen, you have to ask yourself, “How would I act if I actually HAD received the thing.”  Your confession has got to connect you to what ALREADY is.
2) If you invest your focus and time, God will begin to exchange it for faith. Then when you start to believe, He’ll give you whatever you need.  But you have to REPENT and then believe.  Repenting is so radically reprogramming how you think that your whole life starts to follow your new thought life.  And THEN you can believe.
3) Getting to the place where you can truly have a paradigm shift that creates a new precedent of manifesting what you need in life requires navigating your own inner world.  We not only have to apply the principles we’ve learned to access the spirit realm, but we have to get direction on the nuances of our own journey that are specific to us.  Using the word of the Lord, praise, gratitude, disciplined routines, fasting, or whatever it takes.
4) God speaks in multiple ways, usually with pictures: dreams, visions, patterns, riddles, enigmas, and such, and we need to work it all out.  He drops data points, and we need to connect the dots to map our scroll.  The clearer the picture, the more faith you have. If you can bring it into focus you can bring it into manifestation.
5) We have to reinvent the way we do business.  If you’re going to be successful, you’re going to have to move things in the spirit realm.  Operating from heaven and pulling it down into your world is becoming the new normal.    God always intended us to operate this way, but now we don’t have a choice. We’ve been shoehorned into a sink or swim situation because of the false “official” narrative being peddled.  We must study Noah and build our business in the spirit.  Unless it manifests results, it’s a big fat who cares.
6) Whatever you get doesn’t come from your imagination, it comes through your imagination from the heavenly dimension. We can’t out-imagine the spiritual dimension.  Everything you see, including movies & special effects, exists in another dimension.
7) Discern the season, but do not magnify it.  Magnify the Lord.

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